The ice machine saves electricity and optimizes the ice production process

In today’s technological age, ice makers have become the preferred solution to meet the growing demand for pure ice. This need not only appears in the food and healthcare industries but also spreads to other fields. Ice cube machines save electricity , are fast and efficient, and are also flexible and diverse in ice shape and size.

The applications of ice makers are widespread, from preserving food and medical samples to serving ice in the beverage and restaurant industries. This opens up many business opportunities in the field of providing ice cubes, coffee ice, etc. to restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.

With the continuous increase in demand for ice, starting a business in the field of ice making is not only an attractive business opportunity, especially suitable for those who want to start a business or change their business. Investing in an ice machine is a useful investment when you can have a long-term, stable business, helping you produce ice in large quantities in a short time while still ensuring pure, abundant ice quality. Sizes suitable for a variety of usage needs. Let’s learn more about ice machines and their applications in more detail so you can consider the investment that is beneficial for you!

Ice machine saves electricity
Ice machine saves electricity

ICE COOL ice machine

Tube Ice Machine is a specialized refrigeration system, using the cold principle of flow in a stainless steel ice tube to help create pure and high-quality ice cubes, superior to previous technologies. The goal of the machine is to meet the needs of refreshments and ice usage purposes.

The ice maker operates on the principle of a 2-way industrial refrigeration system, with one dedicated direction for making ice and one direction for defrosting. The ice production process of ICE COOL ice cube machine is completely automated from creating ice, taking out ice and cutting ice into the desired size. The intelligent control system on the screen minimizes technical operations, making operation convenient and easy, especially suitable for non-technical people.

Why should you choose to buy ICE COOL ice machine?

  • The control system of the ice machine is not only simple but also safe and automatically protected, capable of displaying error messages when problems occur. This advanced technology is Vietnam’s leading product, designed and placed according to European standards.
Ice machine control screen
Ice machine control screen
  • The compressor is an important part in the ice making process, equipped from famous brands in the US and Japan, ensuring the highest ice making performance. Parts in direct contact with water are made entirely from SUS 304 material, ensuring high safety and hygiene.
  • High durability, low maintenance costs, easy to replace equipment, the machine runs smoothly without making noise, and saves up to 40% of electricity compared to other product lines on the market. .
  • The machine’s water treatment system ensures that the water used to make ice cubes meets food safety and hygiene standards before the machine begins the production process. This ensures maximum ice production quality and efficiency.
  • With compact size and aesthetic design, the ice machine not only ensures high production efficiency but is also suitable for any space. The ability to operate without requiring the intervention of professional workers helps optimize the usage process.
  • The machine produces many ice cubes of various sizes 47 x 80mm, 38 x 40mm,… suitable for many needs.

With the above outstanding advantages, ICE COOL ice machine has become the ideal choice for effective ice production needs.

Finished ice cubes
Finished ice cubes

Great application of energy-saving ice machine

Application of ice cubes in industry

A specific characteristic of the seafood industry is that caught products cannot be immediately processed but need to go through preliminary processing before main processing. In this situation, ice machines play an important role in optimally preserving and transporting seafood. Ice cube products not only help maintain the freshness of seafood but also prevent spoilage during transportation.

Ice cubes, when in pellet form, demonstrate the ability to keep cold for a longer period of time due to the large contact area on the product surface. This provides time benefits during storage. The ability of ice cubes to keep low temperatures and cover the surface of seafood not only main

In the field of food processing, especially meat processing, ice machines play an important role in keeping meat fresh, preserving nutrition and preventing damage and the effects of bacteria. during transport. These are important applications of stone products in the field of food processing technology.

Besides, in other manufacturing industries, ice machines also play the role of cooling for exothermic reactions and supporting the distillation process, bringing high efficiency and quality in production processes.

Pure ice cubes
Pure ice cubes

Application of ice cubes in life

In the food service sector, ice cubes are not only an important part to cool down drinks, but also play a role in making drinks more attractive, with a beautiful and eye-catching feel. It is especially important that ice does not change the taste of the product, especially for carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Besides applications in the culinary industry, ice cubes also have common applications in everyday life. For example, if you have problems such as shoulder and neck pain, joint swelling, or cramps, using ice cubes can bring surprising results. Placing ice on the swollen or painful area for about 5 minutes, repeated several times, can help reduce pain, swelling and stimulate blood circulation in that area.

Additionally, toothache is an unpleasant and long-lasting problem, but ice can be an effective solution. Placing ice near the painful area for about 5 minutes or applying it directly to the painful area can effectively relieve pain. This cold stone has the effect of numbing the tooth pulp and damaged gum area, helping to significantly reduce toothache pain. Or you can use ice in beauty treatments. Cold ice can reduce facial swelling, eye swelling and can also tighten pores.

These applications of stone are not limited to the culinary field but also bring significant benefits to health, beauty and daily life.

Using ice makes drinks taste better
Using ice makes drinks taste better

ICE COOL ice machine price

ICE COOL ice machine is designed according to industrial standards at a reasonable price, ICE COOL Vietnam brings you a completely new, time-saving solution. ICE COOL ice cube machine is completely worthy of your investment and long-term use, bringing the most optimal efficiency.

The current price of ice cube machines on the market has many different prices depending on the capacity and quality of the ice cube maker.

There are many customers who do not have experience buying ice machines, so they choose cheap ice machines and as a result fail to invest in ice factories. Please contact ICE COOL ice machine for advice and choose the right ice machine.

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ICE COOL is a reputable brand for solutions for making ice cubes, coffee ice, freezing,… always committed to providing customers with the best products and services. If you are looking for a reputable partner to provide high quality ice machines, please contact ICE COOL immediately via hotline: 094 110 8888 or visit the website:  to learn more. More about other types of ice makers. You can also leave your information below so our customer service team will dedicatedly assist you with all issues related to ice makers.

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