Experience in choosing to buy cheap ice machines for coffee shops

Ice cube makers are gradually becoming an indispensable choice for many restaurants and cafes today, thanks to their ability to provide high quality ice cubes and quickly respond to customer needs. In the context of an increasingly diverse market in terms of designs and functions, choosing an ice maker that is suitable for your coffee shop becomes extremely important. ICE COOL will share with you some experiences in choosing to buy an ice machine for a coffee shop ensuring that the ice machine is not only effective but also contributes to improving the quality of service at your coffee shop.

Experience in choosing to buy ice machines for coffee shops
Experience in choosing to buy ice machines for coffee shops

Benefits of using an ice maker for coffee shops

With today’s hot weather, cold drinks like iced coffee have become more necessary than ever, but is using ice cubes from unsanitary sources really safe for customers’ health? ? To solve this problem, equipping your coffee shop with a pure ice machine is a solution that not only helps ensure the health of customers but also improves the quality of drinks and builds a brand. personalized for your shop.

Today’s ice makers are designed with the ability to effectively filter and disinfect water, creating clean, pure ice that is safe and hygienic. Modern machines are also equipped with a sophisticated filtration system, removing all impurities, providing the purest water source for ice production, and have a compact, sophisticated design suitable for any shop space. coffee.

Based on your budget, you can choose to buy quality, durable and energy-saving machines. Pure ice machines are currently available at many supply addresses, but to avoid buying fake or poor quality imitation goods, you can refer directly to the Vietan.vn website to update the latest machine models. , imported from technology-leading countries such as the US, Japan, and Korea. Here, you will find products with affordable prices and guaranteed quality, giving your coffee shop the best and safest equipment.

High quality ice machine, produces ice quickly and efficiently, quickly responding to market demand
High quality ice machine, produces ice quickly and efficiently, quickly responding to market demand

Experience in choosing to buy ice machines for coffee shops

Quality of ice cubes

The cleanliness and purity of ice cubes is your top priority when looking for an ice cube maker for your catering business. The issue of food hygiene and safety is always at the top of evaluation criteria, so choosing an ice machine that meets standards of cleanliness and purity is extremely important. The current ice maker market is quite rich with many different brands and prices, which can cause poor quality products to sneak in, affecting the quality of the ice cubes. Therefore, choosing products from reputable brands that have been tested for quality, using advanced technology and made from stainless steel is essential to ensure the ice products you use are guaranteed. Always clean and meet food safety standards in business.

Quality pure ice cubes
Quality pure ice cubes

Ice machine capacity

Choosing ice machine capacity based on the coffee shop’s scale of operation is an important step to ensure a match between demand and ice production capacity. The capacity of the ice maker has a direct impact on the amount of ice produced, so a machine with a large capacity will provide a larger amount of ice than a machine with a small capacity. However, it is important to consider the capacity and actual needs of the shop to avoid spending too much on a device with a higher capacity than necessary, causing waste not only financially but also. about energy.

On the contrary, choosing a machine with a capacity lower than actual needs can cause the machine to operate continuously, increasing the risk of damage and reducing the life of the device. Therefore, carefully considering the ice machine capacity appropriate to your business scale is a step that cannot be overlooked when deciding to invest.

Ice cube size

Each machine model will have a different ability to produce ice cubes, depending on the type of business you choose the appropriate ice cube size. For coffee shops, the common ice cube size is 18 – 23mm because they help fill the empty space of the glass, the drinks provided to customers thus look large and eye-catching, saving ingredients. Besides, this size has the ability to cool and melt quickly, which is very good for refreshing.

Product price

As mentioned above, capacity affects the price, performance, and quality of the ice maker. High-priced ice machines have good durability and quality. Therefore, you should consider the size of your store and choose products with appropriate prices!

The image of the ice machine has a beautiful design, including cold storage and full water filtration
The image of the ice machine has a beautiful design, including cold storage and full water filtration

The optimal solution helps eliminate worries about lack of clean ice cubes

Ice cubes play an indispensable role in cooling drinks, preserving food, as well as in other industries such as beauty and healthcare. With its widespread popularity in restaurants, cafes, and bars, clean ice has become an urgent need, especially when some units have to use unsanitary ice from manufacturers. not reputable, causing health risks for consumers. To solve this problem, investing in ICE COOL’s ice machine is the ideal solution, providing a clean and pure ice source, thereby helping to improve service quality and ensure the health of customers. .

ICE COOL Tube Ice Machine and smart ice machine operates in a completely closed environment, away from outside pollution and dust, and is equipped with a modern coarse filter, helping to eliminate all residue. residue and dirt are present in the water before being converted into ice. Thanks to that, the ice produced is not only clean but also meets food hygiene and safety standards, inspected and certified by the Ministry of Health. Using ICE COOL ice cube machines not only improves product quality but also contributes to significant cost savings for businesses.

ICE COOL - The most prestigious ice machine supplier in Vietnam
ICE COOL – The most prestigious ice machine supplier in Vietnam

ICE COOL ice maker, integrating advanced technology, is not only modern but also offers high performance with significant energy savings. Thanks to fast cooling technology, the machine can create super-fast ice in just 4 – 45 minutes, helping to save time and meet ice needs quickly, especially during peak times. This not only helps save energy costs but also brings maximum convenience to users.

Economically, using an ICE COOL ice maker also helps save a large amount of money compared to buying ice from outside at prices ranging from 1,000 VND to 3,000 VND/kg. The total savings can amount to more than one hundred million VND per year, significantly increasing economic efficiency for businesses.

The ICE COOL ice maker is not only easy to operate but also very convenient thanks to its automatic and smart control panel. Users can easily adjust the size and clarity of the stone without requiring advanced techniques. Besides, the machine is designed to be simple, user-friendly, allowing easy adjustment and suitable for all needs.

The durability and longevity of the ICE COOL ice maker is also an important factor, ensuring the machine can operate stably and long-term, helping businesses save on repair and maintenance costs.

Contact for advice and support in investing in ICE COOL ice making machines

Are you having difficulty finding a solution for quality ice production? Let ICE COOL help you! With a professional technical team, diverse products, reasonable prices and dedicated service, we are committed to bringing absolute satisfaction to your needs.

Don’t hesitate any longer, visit the website: https://icemachine.com.vn/ or contact us immediately via phone number and Zalo: +84 941 108 888 for advice and to order today! Take your production needs to the next level with the ICE COOL ice maker!

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