Discover a simple, effective way to freeze durian that you can do at home

Durian is known for its sweet and delicious taste and is often a very popular fruit in the summer. However, because durian has a short shelf life, keeping it fresh and usable for a long time becomes a challenge. To solve this problem, freezing durian is an effective method to help preserve the wonderful flavor of this fruit. In this article, we will learn about how to effectively freeze durian so you can enjoy its unique flavor even out of season.

How to freeze durian effectively
How to freeze durian effectively

What is frozen durian?

Frozen durian is not only a popular choice for consumers but also an effective solution to help farmers preserve large quantities of durian after harvest. There are two types of frozen durian:

  • The first type of durian is frozen in pieces: After harvesting, the durian is fully utilized by peeling, separating seeds and cleaning. Next, the durian is put into a cutting machine to be divided into small bite-sized pieces. These durian pieces are then transferred into a freezer chamber, where they will undergo a freezing process to create a frozen durian product. This ensures the quality of deep cold and maintains product freshness even after defrosting.
Frozen durian in pieces
Frozen durian in pieces
  • The second type of durian is frozen whole: Besides frozen durian in pieces, the other type uses durian in its original state, still retaining its freshness and natural flavor. This process requires careful care to preserve the color and flavor of the fruit intact even during freezing and thawing.
Whole frozen durian
Whole frozen durian

With frozen durian, consumers have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful taste of succulent durian even when the season is not favorable. At the same time, this is also a salvation for farmers in maintaining the value of durian after each harvest.

Simple instructions on how to freeze durian at home

Step 1: Peel and prepare durian

Start by peeling the durian and using a knife or scissors to cut it into small pieces. If the durian is still a bit sour, wait until it is completely ripe before freezing. At the same time, prepare a vacuum bag or food wrap.

Step 2: Pack durian

If you use a vacuum bag, place each durian piece in the bag and use a vacuum sealer to seal it. In case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, use plastic wrap and place each durian piece in a plastic box, then close the lid tightly. Note that each bag or box should only contain 1-3 durian pieces, depending on their size.

Freeze durian in the refrigerator
Freeze durian in the refrigerator

Step 3: Freeze durian

Arrange the bag or plastic box containing durian in the freezer of the refrigerator and close the door. This freezing process helps durian retain its good flavor and quality for a long time.

Once frozen, you can store durian for several months. When you want to use, place the durian in the refrigerator for about 24 hours or leave it at room temperature until the durian melts.

When using frozen durian, you can enjoy it directly or process it into many delicious dishes such as smoothies, grilled durian, or durian ice cream. Remember to consume early to avoid durian oxidation and retain the best flavor.

Compare the difference between freezing durian with a refrigerator and an ICE COOL quick freezer

Both methods of freezing durian help preserve the durian fruit for a long time and help maintain the fruit’s sweet and aromatic taste.

  • The time it takes to freeze durian in the refrigerator will be longer, sometimes taking a few hours or overnight, while the ICE COOL Quick freezer  freezes durian quickly, in just a few hours. Durians are frozen using an ICE COOL quick freezing machine, put into a -40oC freezing chamber, and quickly frozen for 1 – 2 hours depending on the size and type of durian.
  • Freshness is maintained when durian is frozen in the refrigerator, but it may not be as good as in a quick freezer.
    The ICE COOL quick freezer can also keep the durian’s moisture and quality well during the freezing process, preventing the durian from drying out or freezing too much and maintaining good durian moisture and quality. Freezing in the refrigerator can have disadvantages such as excessive dryness or freezing.
  • However, freezing durian using a refrigerator has the advantage in terms of lower energy consumption while the ICE COOL flash freezer requires greater electricity usage, which can increase operating costs.
  • Freezing durian with a refrigerator is simple to use and does not require multiple management. ICE COOL quick freezing machines need to follow the instructions to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  • The costs of these two methods are also different depending on your purpose of freezing durian. The cost of a refrigerator will be lower than the cost of buying a quick freezer. If you are a business or facility that produces frozen durian, you should really invest in an ICE COOL quick freezing machine to optimize productivity and quality of frozen durian to meet consumer needs.
  • The preservation time of durian frozen with ICE COOL quick freezing machine is longer than that of the refrigerator. Durian, after completing the freezing process by the ICE COOL quick freezing machine, will be stored in a -18oC cold storage to ensure deep cold storage, ensuring freshness. Storage period lasts from 6 – 24 months or possibly longer.

Depending on personal needs and preferences, choosing between a refrigerator and an ICE COOL flash freezer can provide the best durian storage experience. Try it out and choose the method that works for you!

A few notes when using frozen durian

When using frozen durian, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure food safety and retain the best flavor of the durian:

  • To defrost durian, you should leave the durian at room temperature for about 2-3 hours or leave it overnight in the refrigerator. You should not use a microwave to defrost the durian because it can lose its flavor. taste and nutrients of the fruit.
  • After defrosting, do not leave durian at room temperature for too long because it will be easily damaged, so use it immediately after defrosting or store in the refrigerator within 2-3 days.
Notes on using frozen durian
Notes on using frozen durian
  • Do not refreeze thawed durian. If you don’t use it all, you should store it in the refrigerator and use it within a few days.
  • When using frozen durian, you should carefully check where the durian is stored in the refrigerator to ensure there is no standing water or dirt on the durian segments.
  • Avoid using frozen durian that has passed its expiration date. If you do not know the freezing date of durian fruit, you should throw it away and do not use it to ensure food safety and health.
  • You should use frozen durian to make desserts such as durian ice cream, durian smoothie or durian sweet soup, but you should not use frozen durian to eat directly.
Delicious durian ice cream
Delicious durian ice cream
  • Remember to wash your hands before using frozen durian to avoid bacterial contamination and harm to your health.

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