Installation of cold storage to preserve cheap quality ice cream

Cold storage to preserve ice cream is a product that is no longer strange to each of us. Because ice cream is loved by many people, especially on hot days. However, to be able to preserve ice cream in the best way, cold storage is the best solution for all shops and businesses. Cold storage is being appreciated very much when used. They are widely used in shops, ice cream business units. So, to learn more about this product, please go right to the content of the article below.

Introduction of cold storage to preserve ice cream

Cold storage to preserve ice cream is an effective solution for any store as well as any business unit today. Especially on hot days, this is the best way to preserve ice cream, keeping its taste, color, shape and quality when brought to users. Modern with the function of preserving ice cream for a long time, the appropriate temperature helps bring high business efficiency to all units.

What is ice cream cold storage?

Ice cream cold storage is a product specially designed to maintain a cold temperature for a long time to preserve ice cream. They can also be simply understood as larger versions of regular ice cream refrigerators. This product also has extremely unique characteristics and effective and safe functions to meet all different needs of users.

Using cold storage to preserve ice cream will help businesses and ice cream processing establishments save more costs than using a series of refrigerators. Cold storage to preserve ice cream will meet all the needs of businesses.

The installation of cold storage to preserve ice cream is necessary for businesses producing this product. Thanks to the cold storage of ice cream, it can be stored for a long time, avoiding damage or water causing great damage. 

Structure of cold storage to preserve ice cream

Ice cream cold storage has the same structure as other cold storage products, including 2 parts: the shell and the cooling system. With the warehouse shell made from 100mm thick PU insulation panels, it has outstanding heat insulation ability. The warehouse door is a hinge type made of stainless steel 304 anti-rust, using a safety lock from Europe.

The refrigeration system part includes the condenser compressor assembly imported from abroad or assembled domestically. Refrigeration compressor is one of the important factors determining the quality of cold storage. So consider your options before buying.

Cold storage keeps ice cream from melting
Cold storage keeps ice cream from melting

Why is it necessary to install cold storage to preserve ice cream? 

Ice cream has always been everyone’s favorite food throughout the seasons. Surely everyone wants a delicious cool ice cream in the hot summer, right? Ice cream is a product used directly without processing, so it is necessary to ensure safety and hygiene factors. 

In addition, the cream is very easy to melt, making storage more difficult. But a non-refrigerating product to preserve ice cream was born and will solve those problems. Now you can preserve and store ice cream in cold storage for a long time without worrying about melting. At the same time, the taste and color will not be lost.

Construction of cold storage to preserve ice cream
Construction of cold storage to preserve ice cream

From there, we bring to everyone a quality, safe and healthy ice cream. With a large cold storage space to help businesses preserve and store a large amount of ice cream. Cleaning and sanitizing also becomes easier. 

Prestigious cold storage installation unit

Choosing a unit to install cold storage to preserve ice cream is not easy for anyone when there is a need to use this product. Especially when today the demand for this product is increasing and the supply addresses are not few. On the market today, there are many reputable units that provide the service of installing cold storage to preserve ice cream. And the most trusted prominent name is the cold storage company ICE COOL.

As a unit with many years of experience in the field of construction, consulting and installation of cold storage. Cold storage ICE COOL has affirmed its brand and become one of the leading cold storage companies . We conquer customers with quality, durable products at competitive prices in the market.

There are many companies that install cold storage to preserve ice cream today
There are many companies that install cold storage to preserve ice cream today

Contact for advice and support in investing in ICE COOL Cold storage

Are you having difficulty finding a solution for quality ice production? Let ICE COOL help you! With a professional technical team, diverse products, reasonable prices and dedicated service, we are committed to bringing absolute satisfaction to your needs.

Don’t hesitate any longer, visit the website: or contact us immediately via phone number and Zalo: +84 941 108 888 for advice and to order today! Take your production needs to the next level with the ICE COOL ice maker!

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