How to distinguish between clean and dirty stones easily and accurately

Currently, the demand for using ice cubes in daily life is increasing, especially in the hot summer when the supply of ice is not enough to meet demand. The need to use ice cubes is not only popular in the beverage industry but also in many other fields such as food processing and preservation industry, beauty and even healthcare.

However, what is worrying is that dirty stones are widespread in the market today, significantly affecting consumers’ health. Although ice is a product used with drinks, if the quality is not guaranteed, it can become a potential risk such as enteritis, typhoid, hepatitis A, etc. To solve this problem, how to distinguish Distinguishing between clean and dirty stones is important, protecting public health and maintaining quality of life. Let’s learn with ICE COOL how to distinguish clean ice from dirty ice, and solutions for clean ice needs!

Ice cubes are used for refreshment
Ice cubes are used for refreshment

Clean rocks and dirty rocks

In daily life, ice cubes have become an indispensable ingredient, serving a variety of human needs. The versatility and utility of ice is most clearly demonstrated through its use in many different fields. The most typical is the application of ice in refreshing drinks, or processing shaved ice cream, which is not only a specialty of cafes, beverage chains, milk tea shops, or coffee shops but is also applied widely in the culinary world, from individual businesses to large venues such as restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets.

However, with the popularity of using stone, the risk of using dirty stone is an increasingly serious problem. This raises concerns about how to distinguish between clean and dirty ice, because the quality of ice is not only related to the freshness of the drink but also raises food safety and health issues. community.

To ensure quality, clean and pure stones need to meet a series of quality and safety criteria. Clean ice is usually produced from filtered water and anti-microbial treatment, stored and transported cleanly to ensure food hygiene and safety.

On the contrary, dirty stone often comes from unsafe raw materials, even without going through the filtration system, causing the risk of unhygienic and food safety. Both the production and transportation of dirty ice are often unsanitary, from leaving the ice on the sidewalk to delivering it to stores uncovered, creating favorable conditions for contamination and the risk of infection.

Ice cubes are transported without sanitary packaging
Ice cubes are transported without sanitary packaging

Harmful effects of using dirty stone on human health

  • Bacterial infections and pathogenic microorganisms: Dirty ice cubes can contain many types of bacteria, viruses and pathogenic microorganisms. If ice is produced from unsafe water or is not treated properly, the risk of contamination and infectious diseases increases significantly.
  • Risk of chemical pollution: Using unsafe, unfiltered water sources creates conditions for impurities, bacteria and chemical pollutants such as heavy metals, pesticides, etc. Ice cubes from water sources This may contain substances that are toxic and harmful to health if used in drinks and foods.
  • Impact on the digestive system: Dirty ice cubes can have a negative impact on the digestive system when used in drinks or food. Bacteria and residue in the ice can cause intestinal irritation or infection, leading to digestive problems.
  • Risk of respiratory infections: If ice cubes are stored improperly or are not kept clean, they can become an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. These bacteria and molds can cause respiratory infections when breathed into the body.
  • Risk of toxic substances: Dirty ice cubes can contain toxic substances such as mercury, lead, or arsenic if produced from unsafe water sources. Long-term exposure to these substances can harm internal organs and body systems.

Therefore, choosing clean and safe ice is important to protect public health and prevent the risk of health problems that can arise from using dirty ice.

How to distinguish between clean and dirty stones easily

  • Color and identification: The easiest way to distinguish between pure stone and dirty stone is to observe the color and visual characteristics of the product. For dirty stones, you may notice a slightly cloudy color, lots of air bubbles, and even a strange smell or contain objects such as nylon or dirt. On the contrary, pure stone will have a clear color like crystal, without any strange smell or dirt.
  • Solubility and differentiation: Pure ice usually has a longer solubility, due to the deep cooling of the ingredients and a solid structure. On the contrary, dirty rocks with more impurities, can absorb the heat of different molecules more quickly, causing the bond between water and liquid water to weaken, and thus dissolve much faster.
How to distinguish clean stone from dirty stone
How to distinguish clean stone from dirty stone
  • Production size and quality standards: Addresses specializing in producing clean ice for eating and drinking usually only provide small sized ice bags, about 5-5.5kg. The ice cubes are often clearly shaped for ease of use right out of the packaging. This is usually pure ice, produced in pellets or tubes, with a clean water source and a good filtration system, ensuring the quality of each batch. In contrast, dirty ice is often produced in batches that are large in size and volume, and if available in pellet form, they may not have a clearly defined shape, and the specifications on the packaging may not be clearly defined. This shows ambiguity and lack of quality assurance.

Introducing high quality pure ice machine

  • With high quality, modern and aesthetic design built on the foundation of expertise and experience of more than 15 years in the production of ICE COOL ice machines, the ice machine product not only meets the needs of ice usage. pure but also suitable and harmonious in many spaces.
  • ICE COOL Tube Ice Machine are designed with high efficiency to produce ice quickly and with high quality. ICE COOL ice maker is an energy-saving machine, equipped with a control system programmed by SIEMENS (Germany) to effectively reduce electricity consumption.
  • The modern pure ice production process is fully automated and controlled through a simple display screen, suitable for non-technical people. With easy operation and no professional skills required, users only need to press one button to start the ICE COOL ice machine. The system automatically performs the process of making ice, cutting ice and exporting products quickly and effectively.
ICE COOL 500kg industrial ice maker
ICE COOL 500kg industrial ice maker
  • ICE COOL ice maker is made entirely of high-grade 304 stainless steel to ensure food safety and hygiene and increase the durability of the device.
  • The price of the ICE COOL ice machine is set at a very reasonable level, commensurate with the quality and performance that the machine brings.
  • In addition, consulting, design and installation services are performed professionally and customers receive dedicated, enthusiastic and thoughtful support before and after purchase.

ICE COOL ice machine price

ICE COOL ice machine is designed according to industrial standards at a reasonable price, ICE COOL Vietnam brings you a completely new, time-saving solution. ICE COOL ice cube machine is completely worthy of your investment and long-term use, bringing the most optimal efficiency.

The current price of ice cube machines on the market has many different prices depending on the capacity and quality of the ice cube maker.

There are many customers who do not have experience buying ice machines, so they choose cheap ice machines and as a result fail to invest in ice factories. Please contact ICE COOL ice machine for advice and choose the right ice machine.

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