How much does a high capacity quick freezing machine cost? Keep food fresh and preserve it for a long time

The price of large capacity quick freezing machines is a common concern of farmers, processing and manufacturing facilities. In a market with diverse designs and prices, deciding to buy a quick freezer becomes a difficult thing. This raises the issue of price diversity, depending on the brand, quality and specific features of each product.

For farmers and processing facilities, quick freezers not only help optimize food preservation but also maintain the original quality and flavor. This brings great benefits in reducing waste and increasing commercial value. Knowing the confusion and need to find out the price of large-capacity quick-freezing machines, ICE COOL provides you with a price list of large-capacity quick-freezing machines so you can refer to and choose the quick-freezing machine that suits your needs. financial needs and conditions.

What is quick freezing?

Flash freezing is an effective method that quickly reduces the temperature of fresh foods or products and freezes them effectively. Quick freezing time may vary depending on the type of product, but usually lasts from 20 minutes to 2 hours from the time the product is placed into the freezing process until it reaches the standard.

Quick freezing keeps food fresh
Quick freezing keeps food fresh

Quick freezing technology is widely applied in the frozen food industry, including food, vegetables, meat, shrimp, fish, etc. After going through the quick freezing process, the product will be transferred to cold storage  for preservation. Compared to just using cold storage, quick freezing allows food to be quickly transferred to a frozen state in a short period of time, keeping product quality at its best. If cold storage is only used in the usual way, the cold storage may not be quick enough to bring the product’s temperature to the necessary level, causing loss of quality or product damage.

Reasons why you should use a quick freezer

  • Reduces injury: When food is frozen, the water inside forms ice crystals. Prolonged freezing can create large ice crystals, damaging cell structures and affecting the quality and flavor of food. Flash freezing minimizes the size of ice crystals, helping to protect cell structure and maintain food quality.
8-tray quick freezer
8-tray quick freezer
  • High-quality preservation: Rapid freezing creates smaller crystals, minimizing damage and maintaining the high quality of the food. This allows food to retain its nutritional properties, color and natural flavor more than with the traditional freezing process.
  • Storage convenience: After going through the quick freezing process, food can be easily transferred to a normal freezer for long-term storage. This provides flexibility and convenience to consumers, as they can maintain the freshness and quality of their food over a long period of time without having to worry about quality deterioration.
Durian is quickly frozen
Durian is quickly frozen
  • Save time: The quick freezing process reduces the time needed to freeze food, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing the risk of product quality loss.
  • Maintains nutritional value: By minimizing cell damage and maintaining ice crystal size, quick freezing technology helps maintain the nutritional value of food, bringing health benefits to consumers. consumers.

Note to use the quick freezer properly

The quick freezer is a great device that contributes to preserving food more effectively and easily. To ensure you get the most out of this appliance, keep the following in mind when using your freezer:

  • After harvesting, clean the food and divide it into small portions to place in freezer trays. Use ziplock bags to protect food from bacteria and dirt.
  • Divide the food portions evenly and do not stack them on top of each other so that the cold air can spread evenly.
  • Pay attention when freezing so that each type of ingredient has a different cooling time, avoid mixing them up in the same freezing session.
Quick freezing of ice cream
Quick freezing of ice cream
  • Place the freezer in a flat and well-ventilated place so that the cooling process can take place effectively.
  • Always maintain hygiene by cleaning the freezer periodically to avoid affecting the cooling process.
  • Avoid opening the freezer door too many times to avoid temperature loss.
  • Use a power source suitable for the capacity of the freezer to avoid overload.

With these steps, the freezer will operate effectively, keeping food preserved with the best quality. At the same time, always learn and follow the specific instructions from the manufacturer to ensure the appropriate freezing time for each type of ingredient.

Quick freezing passion fruit
Quick freezing passion fruit

Price of large capacity quick freezing machine ICE COOL

ICE COOL quick freezing machine is the top choice on the market thanks to its reasonable price and outstanding quality. With a deep freezing system design, our products ensure durable operation, especially suitable for typical Vietnamese agricultural and aquatic products. This means you can easily use the machine and get maximum benefits from it.

Our company is proud to provide a variety of freezers from 4 to 40 trays, suitable for different capacities up to 200kg/batch. We are committed to providing genuine products, while also supporting on-site delivery and installation for businesses. In particular, we offer a 12-month free warranty policy, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction from customers.

16 tray quick freezer
16 tray quick freezer

Coming to us, you not only get a quality freezer but also experience dedicated and professional customer service. Let ICE COOL highlight the efficiency and convenience of preserving your ingredients.

Fast freezing machine capacity Price of quick freezing machine 2024
Price of quick freezing machine 10 – 12 kg 85 – 95 million VND
Price of quick freezing machine 15 – 20 kg 100 – 120 million VND
Price of quick freezing machine 25 – 30 kg 165 – 185 million VND
Price of quick freezing machine 35 – 40 kg 190 – 215 million VND
Price of quick freezing machine 50 – 60 kg 225 – 245 million VND
Price of quick freezing machine 120 – 150 kg 555 – 595 million VND
Price of 200 kg quick freezing machine 625 – 655 million VND
Price of 500 kg quick freezing machine 855 – 955 million VND

For more information and detailed advice, please contact directly via Hotline 094 110 8888 to receive a discount of 2-7%.

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