The key point to successfully produce pure ice

To achieve success in the pure ice industry, there are several important points to focus on. In the modern era, the field of clean and pure ice production is not only a business opportunity but also a potential source of income.

Although starting a business in this field has great appeal, it faces many challenges. The secret to avoiding difficulties and achieving success is to focus on the deciding factors. If you are planning to open a clean ice factory, consider carefully the key points of successfully producing clean , pure ice in your business.

Open a clean ice cube factory that meets regulatory standards

The field of ice production is directly related to human health, because ice is often widely used in the beverage world, food preservation and beverage preparation. To open a clean ice factory, the facility needs to ensure compliance with food hygiene, safety and labor safety standards.

First, to operate legally, the factory needs a business registration certificate. However, the quality of ice depends on the quality of the water source. To ensure clean ice, it is necessary to use an RO water filtration system to remove harmful substances from the water source.

Factory layout is the key to successfully producing clean ice
Factory layout is the key to successfully producing clean ice

An important problem is dealing with dirty ice on the market. To ensure validity and legality, establishments need to test ice quality and send samples to specialized agencies such as the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality and the Ministry of Health. This helps maintain legality and avoid fines or business shutdowns.

In addition, to preserve ice before transportation, installing a cold storage system is important to maintain product quality. In short, compliance with regulations on hygiene, legality and use of clean water is the key to success in the field of ice production.

Optimize clean ice production costs to ensure balance and maximum savings.

To balance and save costs on clean ice production, it is necessary to focus on three main cost sources: electricity, water and labor costs. Choosing a quality ice maker that saves electricity and operates stably is an effective solution.

ICE COOL’s ice cube maker is manufactured and quality managed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, using genuine imported components according to European standards. At the same time, Viet An provides a RO water filtration system to ensure 99.9% pure ice quality.

500 kg ice maker - Pure ice maker
500 kg ice maker – Pure ice maker

ICE COOL provides a variety of machines with a variety of models, capacities, and models to meet all customer requirements. As a direct manufacturer, Viet An is committed to providing quality products at very competitive prices, which can save investment costs from 10-30% compared to other intermediaries.

Choosing a high-quality ice maker supplier is the key to successfully producing clean ice

To choose to buy a good ice maker for your ice factory, you should note the following:

  • Quality and certification: the machine needs to meet quality standards and be certified according to modern regulations such as ISO 9001:2015 standards. The presence of a quality certificate helps ensure the safety and durability of the machine.
  • Origin and components: understanding the origin of the machine and the origin of components is important. You should choose a machine with a clear origin and use quality components to ensure reliability.
Ice cubes
Ice cubes
  • Features and technology: the machine needs to have automatic, modern features, and use smart technology. Operating procedures should be designed to ensure safety, stability, and ease of use.
  • Suitable capacity: choose a machine with a capacity suitable for the production scale of the factory. Avoid buying a machine that is too small, causing overload, or too large, causing unnecessary costs.
  • Warranty and service support: check the manufacturer’s warranty and support policy. After-sales support is important for quick problem resolution.

ICE COOL is a trusted brand in the field of industrial ice makers.

ICE COOL is a strong competitor in the field of Tube Ice Machine manufacturing . Instead of pursuing a price strategy, this company chose the path of “competing with product quality”. This has helped us win the trust of many customers.

ICE COOL focuses on market research to understand the needs and requirements of businesses. Our products are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 standards and use many imported components according to European standards. The main material is 304 stainless steel, ensuring luxury and at the same time ensuring food hygiene and safety.

New technology such as IVAN screw compressors are also highlights of the company’s innovation. This technology not only brings high performance but also minimizes problems such as broken edges and oil contamination. Green Technology not only cares about appearance but also focuses on the factors that determine value – quality. product quantity.

Contact for advice and support in investing in ICE COOL ice making machines

Are you having difficulty finding a solution for quality ice production? Let ICE COOL help you! With a professional technical team, diverse products, reasonable prices and dedicated service, we are committed to bringing absolute satisfaction to your needs.

Don’t hesitate any longer, visit the website: or contact us immediately via phone number and Zalo: 094 110 8888 for advice and to order today! Take your production needs to the next level with the ICE COOL ice maker!

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