How many types of ice makers are there? Advantages and disadvantages of industrial ice makers

In the culinary service industry, from large restaurants to small cafes, the demand for ice cubes is always high to meet the needs of cooling drinks and preserving food. A quality ice maker not only provides an abundant amount of ice but also ensures hygiene and food safety standards for customers.

However, choosing an ice machine that is both good and reasonably priced is a big challenge for businesses in this field. Along with ICE COOL, the article below will provide an overview of the types of ice machines available on the market, and also review some advantages and disadvantages of industrial ice makers , helping you have a clear view. clearer in the process of choosing suitable equipment for your factory or business.

The ice machine and cold storage have been completely installed by ICE COOL
The ice machine and cold storage have been completely installed by ICE COOL

How many types of ice makers are there?

ICE COOL ice cube maker is an industrial equipment designed and manufactured according to customer requirements specifically used to make ice cubes of many different sizes. Ice cube makers are divided into two main types: residential ice cube makers and industrial ice cube makers. These types of ice cubes are pure ice cubes specifically used for drinking water, preparing, preserving frozen foods, etc.

Compare different types of ice makers

Industrial ice cube making machine

Industrial ice machines are equipment designed to produce ice cubes on a large scale, serving the needs of ice cubes at factories, enterprises or businesses that need a large amount of ice. pills every day. This machine is capable of producing from hundreds of kilograms to 20 tons of ice cubes in a day, depending on the machine’s capacity and model.

Industrial ice machines are equipped with advanced cooling technology, ensuring the ice making process is fast, efficient and energy-saving. These devices are often large in size, more complex in structure and require installation in places with enough space and appropriate infrastructure.

ICE COOL industrial ice maker
ICE COOL industrial ice maker

In addition, the industrial ice maker also integrates many smart features such as an automatic control system, warnings when ice is full or lacking water, and a water filtration system to ensure pure and clean ice quality. . To meet the diverse needs of the market, industrial ice machines are also capable of producing ice cubes of many different sizes and shapes.

Due to its large production capacity and high technical characteristics, the price of industrial ice machines is often much higher than that of residential ice machines, and the initial investment requirement is also greater. However, for businesses that need to produce ice cubes in large quantities, industrial ice cube makers are an effective and sustainable investment choice.

Residential ice machine

Residential ice makers are designed to serve the needs of ice production at home, offices or small businesses such as coffee shops and small-scale restaurants. This product helps create clean, pure ice cubes in moderate quantities, suitable for daily use or small parties.

Different from industrial ice makers, residential ice makers have compact size, simple design, easy to operate and do not require many complicated techniques during use. These machines are usually capable of producing from 12 to 20 kilograms of ice per day, meeting the needs of households or small businesses.

Quality pure ice cubes
Quality pure ice cubes

In addition, residential ice makers are also integrated with convenient features such as electronic control panels, sensors that automatically turn off when ice is full or water is lacking, helping users easily control the ice production process without No need for constant supervision.

Depending on the brand, model and features, the price of a residential ice maker can fluctuate, but usually ranges from a few million to a few tens of million VND, suitable for the budget and needs of customers. majority of families and small businesses.

Advantages and disadvantages of industrial ice makers

Notable advantages

  • Large capacity: The machine is capable of producing ice cubes with a large capacity, from hundreds of kg to tons of ice per day, meeting the ice needs of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. and beverage manufacturing businesses.
  • Pure ice quality: The machine uses advanced water filtration and cleaning technology, ensuring that the ice produced is not only clear and clean, but also retains the natural flavor of the water, containing no impurities or microorganisms. harmful bacteria.
  • Energy saving: Advanced design helps ICE COOL Tube Ice Machine operate with high efficiency but consumes little energy, helping to reduce operating costs.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning: The machine has a scientifically designed structure, convenient for maintenance and cleaning, helping the machine always operate stably and prolonging its life.
The machine produces ice quickly and has outstanding capacity
The machine produces ice quickly and has outstanding capacity
  • High durability: Using high quality materials such as stainless steel for production, the ICE COOL industrial ice maker is highly durable and can withstand harsh working conditions.
  • Flexible design: ICE COOL provides many machine models with different capacities, helping customers choose products suitable for their business scale.
  • Easy to use : The automatic control system and smart, easy-to-understand control panel help users easily operate the machine without too many instructions.
  • Technical support: ICE COOL provides professional technical support, ensuring the ice machine operates smoothly and solving any technical problems quickly.

The above advantages make the ICE COOL industrial ice maker the preferred choice for businesses that need efficient, durable and cost-effective ice makers.

Disadvantages of the machine

  • Additional investment costs for factories and cold storage
  • Although there is no need for someone to operate the machine, workers are needed to package the ice cubes to be poured into the storage compartment.
  • Need to install an additional input water treatment system to make ice.

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