Visiting some prominent ice cube factories in Vietnam

Currently, in Vietnam, the business models of ice cubes are blooming, and there are many successful businesses in this field. The pioneering ice factories in Vietnam have had a lot of success with the ice investment industry. Their factories are also world-class in size. In this article, we will give you an online tour of the prominent ice cube factories in Vietnam. And through that, we will also analyze the Ice Machine to help you a few reasons for the success of these businesses.

A few things to note before building an ice cube factory

You need to calculate the cost of building ice production , equipment costs, pure ice production machine system.

First, make sure your business is branded to customers by exploring the pure ice market. Investigate selling prices and sales methods (direct sales or wholesale agents) Investigate ice demand (tons/day) and install machines with suitable capacity.

Measure the size of the stone where you want to do business (the size of the stone varies from place to place). This is for the purpose of being able to calculate the investment cost and the type of equipment that you need to purchase. Survey the water source for the plant, if the water source is not good, the cost of the water purification system will be very high.

Visit the nearby ice factory to learn more about the ice making business and real life models. Find out the relevant regulations of the ice production facility such as: business license, certificate of food safety and hygiene, quality announcement, etc. If you ensure the following survey steps, you can completely peace of mind to proceed with the investment in products from the ice cube factory .

Alt: Ice factories should pay attention when building

Steps to take when installing an ice cube factory

Three-phase electric traction machine equipment.

Install cold storage to store ice cubes

Install the water filter system of the ice machine

In the design of the workshop, it is necessary to arrange a scientific, reasonable ground, in accordance with food hygiene and safety standards, to manufacture and maintain equipment such as cold storage, water filtration system, ice machine, closed area. pack, prepare to pack. the area must be arranged reasonably. The contact information of the ice machine is considered the brand identity for the product and can be said to be the first step in promoting the business. This is a very important step and many customers want to know how to choose the equipment to install for their machine.

Developing ice machine is important experience
Developing ice machine is important experience

Experience in investment and development of ice cube factories from businesses

Try to contact multiple companies to inquire about the price of pure ice machines. Check the actual machine model installed by the company for domestic customers to compare the quality – performance – cost for each product. Know how to pay, installation costs, warranty…

Experience in choosing an ice machine

Ice machines need to save money on electricity, as ice machines of the same type usually consume at least 19-20 kilowatts of electricity per hour, while only 17-18 kilowatts of electricity per hour (5 tons).

In the hot season, a young man built an ice factory to earn huge profits, then bought a factory at the mouth of the sea to make ice for fishermen. Your income is now 1 billion per month. It all starts as a small ice factory, but with vocational training you will have all the passion and enthusiasm to become an ice tycoon in your area.

The successful ice factories they will not help you succeed in their field, but they will become an ideal model for you to succeed easily. Learning from experience comes with drawing flaws from that business.

Ice storage at the ice maker
Ice storage at the ice maker

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