Price list for installing the latest ICE COOL cold storage 2022

There are some people who have a need to make a food storage warehouse but do not know  how much the price list for installing cold storage is? What problems should be paid attention to during installation? The following article will help you answer these questions.

Some notes when installing cold storage

During the installation of cold storage, businesses can provide requirements as well as technical specifications for the installer of the type of cold storage to suit your needs. To get the desired type of cold storage, you need to pay attention to some of the following issues:

Choose a suitable cold storage installation location

Cold storage is considered an extremely necessary equipment for a business because it has the function of storing all the necessary raw materials and finished products for production and business. Therefore, the choice of location to install cold storage is also extremely suitable.

Choosing the location to install cold storage plays an important role
Choosing the location to install cold storage plays an important role

Learn more about how to store and use cold storage

When using cold storage, you need to choose a reasonable storage mode. At the same time, ensuring the quality of the warehouse environment can both help maintain the quality of raw materials and food for a long time and help the warehouse operate well and avoid damage.

During use, you should avoid continuous on and off, it is best to restart only after waiting for 5-10 minutes. This is the time for the machine system to work properly again. If the current changes suddenly due to continuous switching on and off, it will cause a lot of damage to the entire machine system. Therefore, in order to preserve the operability as well as the life of the machine, the electrical system needs to have the necessary protection devices to ensure the safety of the users.

Adjust the appropriate storage temperature

Temperature is also one of the important factors you need to consider when installing cold storage. The temperature should be based on factors of economic as well as technical basis. Depending on the type of food being stored in the warehouse, you need to set a suitable temperature level to maintain their quality and color. If ingredients and foods are different, their temperature requirements are also different.

Adjust the humidity of the air in the warehouse accordingly

Air humidity in the warehouse is an important factor determining the quality of preserved food. For preserved foods that are vegetables and fruits, the humidity required in the warehouse is 80-95%. This is the right humidity to avoid dehydration from products that reduce their weight.

Using cold storage effectively brings the best quality
Using cold storage effectively brings the best quality

With seed preservation products, when installing cold storage, you need to ensure that the humidity is between 20 – 40%. Maintain this humidity to minimize seed germination during storage. Because the amount of water contained in each food is different, it will be affected by temperature and air humidity to different degrees. 

Reasonable price list for cold storage installation on the market today

There are currently many addresses specializing in providing cold storage services with competitive cold storage installation prices. In addition to the price factor, you should consider both the quality as well as the product design and design to choose the right installation address.

What types of cold storage are there to preserve food?

Types of cold storage for preservation depend on many different factors such as: temperature, function, size… However, cold storage types are divided into the following main groups: processing cold storage, distribution cold storage. , transit cold storage, commercial cold storage and domestic cold storage. In addition, the price list of cold storage installation is also a factor affecting the type of cold storage .

The lines of cold storage for processing, distribution, transshipment and trade have the function of preserving food for the production, processing and distribution of products from factories to the market. As for domestic cold storage, it is used exclusively in households, restaurants… This type of cold storage is quite simple in size and function, it is almost like a regular refrigerator.

Price list for installing cold storage at ICE COOL

Coming to ICE COOL, our technical staff will bring you construction products with quality and diverse design and construction solutions for food preservation. With a system of genuine components and equipment, we are committed to creating modern, convenient and easy-to-use products.

ICE COOL cold storage price list is very affordable and economical
ICE COOL cold storage price list is very affordable and economical

The price list for installing cold storage at ICE COOL is considered the cheapest and most suitable on the market. You can completely own a quality cold storage at a cheap price when you contact us. In addition, ICE COOL also has a long-term warranty policy and fixes all problems when using our cold storage unit.

Contact us immediately via hotline +84 94 110 8888 or website to receive support from technical experts.

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