Supplying quick freezer for cakes to Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh

With long-term experience in the refrigeration industry, ICE COOL has marked the hearts of customers through quality technology products and enhanced the reputation of the business. As a result, KAMO cake manufacturing company trusted and chose SUNSAY as a supplier of pastry quick freezers , used to meet the company’s requirements for preserving and exporting cakes.

Supplying quick freezer for cakes to Thu Duc

ICE COOL specializes in manufacturing and supplying quick freezers, which are effectively applied in freezing and preserving products effectively for a long time. Using modern freezing principles, the machine uses a deep negative temperature from (-30) – (-40) degrees Celsius to perform the product freezing process, thanks to such a low temperature, the products are perishable. spoiled like a cake; the cake will quickly reach a frozen state, while retaining the original structure of the cake,

Requirements for KAMO company’s pastry rapid freezer

  • Temperature needed in the process of freezing cream cakes: (-25) degrees C
  • The height of the cake reaches 5-6 cm
Pastry products need to be frozen
Pastry products need to be frozen
Pastry products need
Pastry products need

Specifications of pastry quick freezer

Model IC-280FC
Drying ability 35-40 kg/batch
Number of trays 8 trays
Tray size 500 x 700 mm
Tray area 2.8 m2
Freezing temperature -30 to -40 degrees C
Size machine L1,100 x W900 x H1,600
Shell material, tray SUS 304
Cooling capacity 3 HP
Refrigerant 404A
Electricity supply 3 Kw
Control Clock and push button
Electricity supply 380V / 50Hz

Structure of the ICE COOL cake quick freezer

ICE COOL pastry quick freezer is a refrigeration system composed of many parts, including 5 main parts:

  1. Freezing chamber
  2. Storage tray
  3. Industrial refrigeration system
  4. Convection system
  5. Control box
Body and drying tray are made of 304 . stainless steel
Body and drying tray are made of 304 . stainless steel
Secure locking handle
Secure locking handle
Secure locking handle ICECOOL
Secure locking handle ICECOOL

Advantages of the pastry fast freezer

  • The machine is completely made of SUS 304 stainless steel material, which is a durable and rust-free material, so it can both ensure efficient operation and meet the requirements of food safety.
  • With 8 drying trays, the tray size is large, so it can freeze 35-40kg of product in one level.
  • The freezing temperature is at (-300 – (-40) degrees C
  • The ICE COOL Quick Freezer is equipped with cooling systems and convection systems, these two components combined to create a complete freezing process, convection will accelerate the freezing process. frozen, so that the product can be frozen quickly even in a short time.
  • Intelligent control system, designed simply for the user to easily manipulate and operate the machine.
  • The ICE COOL quick freezer can freeze many other products, such as: Avocado, durian, seafood,….
  • Using a freezer is considered as a right choice in finding the most effective food preservation method.

Contact method to order ICE COOL quick freezing machine

ICE COOL Vietnam specializes in manufacturing and supplying fast freezing machines with various capacities to effectively meet customer needs. For any need for advice and quotation of pure ice machine, please contact Tel (Zalo): +84 94 110 8888 we will support in the most detailed way.

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