Introducing quality Hanoi cold storage installation service

Where is the address that specializes in providing cold storage installation services in Hanoi to ensure quality is a question that many people are interested in. What types of cold storage are commonly used today. Let us answer the above questions in today’s article.

Some types of cold storage specialized in preserving goods

Cold storage is an item that plays an important role in preserving products from agricultural products, seafood to medical pharmaceuticals. However, depending on the function and purpose of use, cold storage is divided into many different types.

Cold storage is classified according to temperature

If cold storage is designed according to temperature, we will have the following types of storage: cold storage, frozen storage, multi-purpose storage, cold storage and ice storage.

The cold storage type usually has a temperature ranging from -2 degrees C to 5 degrees C. Depending on the product to be stored, you can adjust the temperature > 10 degrees C to be more suitable. This cold storage container is often used to preserve agricultural products, food and medical products.

There are many different types of cold storage
There are many different types of cold storage

As for the type of frozen storage, the warehouses are those with the temperature below 0 degrees Celsius. They are used to preserve products that need to be frozen or those that need to be stored at low temperatures.

The type of multi-purpose warehouse usually has a temperature of -12 degrees Celsius, used to preserve products corresponding to this storage temperature. For multi-function storage, you can easily adjust the temperature according to your needs.

The type of cold storage has the function of cooling product items before being transferred to other processing stages. The storage temperature of cold storage is 0 degrees Celsius. For ice storage, the minimum temperature needed is -4 degrees Celsius.

Classification of cold storage by preservation function

When divided by function, cold storage includes the following types: processing cold storage, preliminary cold storage, distribution and transshipment cold storage, commercial and domestic storage.

Processing cold storage is used in factories and factories that process and preserve food. For example: dairy factory. seafood processing factory, meat export factory, canning factory…

Preliminary cold storage is a type of storage used to preliminarily cool or temporarily preserve product items at the processing place before being transferred to another stage.

Commercial cold storage is a warehouse used to preserve items that are being sold by business establishments on the market in a short time. Transport cold storage has the function of preserving products temporarily during transportation from one place to another.

Finally, a domestic cold storage is used to preserve a small amount of items in households, hotels or restaurants.

Depending on your needs, you can choose different cold storage
Depending on your needs, you can choose different cold storage

Reasons to choose Hanoi cold storage installation service

Benefits of installing cold storage in Hanoi

The installation of cold storage has become indispensable for business establishments, producing frozen goods. Thanks to the use of cold storage, you can be assured of the quality and time of using the product.

The installation of cold storage in Hanoi makes it possible for you to enjoy fruits or specialties at any time you want even if it is not their seasonality. Typically, in-season fruits that are stored frozen will taste much better than foods grown out of season.

The installation of cold storage in Hanoi also helps to ensure maximum food safety. When preserving foods in cold storage is also one of the effective solutions to significantly reduce the number of harmful bacteria. When stored in cold storage, you can rest assured because the food is guaranteed in food safety and hygiene conditions, very good for health. However, during processing, you need to know how to defrost foods to ensure their deliciousness.

ICE COOL cold storage- the perfect choice
ICE COOL cold storage- the perfect choice

Address to install quality, cheap Hanoi cold storage

To own a cold storage with a design that is both modern and suitable for use, you need to spend time and effort to learn about the locations of cold storage installations in Hanoi. Due to the increasing demand for cold storage installation, there are many establishments specializing in providing this service in the market. However, finding a reputable and quality installation address is not an easy thing.

ICE COOL Company – specializes in providing cold storage installation services in Hanoi with the most eye-catching designs. Owning a team of experienced technicians, ICE COOL confidently brings customers the most satisfactory products. For more information about the service, you can contact us via hotline +84 941108888 or visit our website:

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