Highlights of ICE COOL . ice machine

Pure ice machine ICE COOL provides all kinds of ice machine products with new technology, contributing to saving energy, time and effort of production, improving product quality.

Highlights of the ice machine ICE COOL
Highlights of the ice machine ICE COOL

The differences compared to conventional ice machines are as follows:

  • The leading technology in Vietnam is designed according to European standards.
  • Compressor equipment brings the highest ice-making efficiency, belonging to famous American and Japanese brands.
  • The parts in contact with water are made entirely of SUS 304 . material
  • Water treatment system ensures food safety and hygiene before operating ice making
  • The control system is simple, safe, and automatically protects and displays faults
  • Ensure the highest production efficiency and quality of ice cubes

Video of 3-ton ice machine installed in Quang Nam


All needs for consultation, investment, installation and visit to quality and efficiency factory industrial ice cubes.

Please contact ICE COOL Vietnam at:

Hotline: +84 935 345 808 or call the switchboard: +84 94 110 8888 for free and most thoughtful advice.

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