Pure ice products

Pure ice cubes

Pure ice products is a solid of liquid water that is cooled in a closed refrigeration process. Pure ice ensures the cleanliness of the process of converting filtered water into ice cubes.

Installing a 2 ton ice machine in Binh Dinh
Installing a 2 ton ice machine in Binh Dinh
Coffee ice maker
Coffee ice maker
High quality coffee ice machine
High quality coffee ice machine

Ice cubes, pure ice are also known by many names such as marble ice, mi ice, 4 stone, 8 stone…
Depending on different sizes, pure ice cubes are used for beer, wine, soft drinks, refreshments, or chilled, mixed…

Distinguish pure ice cubes and processed ice cubes

  • Processed ice usually melts 4-5 times faster than pure ice.
  • Normal processed ice cubes, when completely melted, will leave residue and slightly cloudy. And pure ice, or pure ice cubes, when put in a glass of water, remains transparent, can see through the ice body. When completely dissolved, the water in the cup will be as clear as mineral water.
Pure ice cubes ICE COOL
Pure ice cubes ICE COOL

The convenience of ice cubes compared to ice cubes

  • Pure ice is more convenient in packaging and transportation than traditional ice.
  • The original construction machinery for the ice machine is also simpler than the ice machine, taking up less space. However, it is necessary to invest a lot of plastic bags to store ice.
  • Consumers prefer to use immediately such as selling coffee, restaurants, pubs, small chillers…

Currently, the price of ice cubes packaged for retail sale ranges from 12,000 to 20,000 VND/bag.

On the market there are many types of ice machines, pure ice production machines with a capacity from 1 ton to 30 tons a day.

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