The equipment attached when installing the ice machine line

Pure ice cube maker ICE COOL is a tubular ice maker for beverage needs. The machine is fully automatic in the ice making process. Customers only need to turn on the power and start the machine, all operations are controlled on the touch screen, the first control screen in Vietnam for controlling ice machine ICECOOL.

After each ice-making cycle, the ice cubes are stored in the ice bucket waiting to be bagged and stored.

Cold storage for ice machine storage

Large capacity ice machines of 3 tons or more will have additional cold storage to store ice cubes

Installing cold storage to store ice machines
Installing cold storage to store ice machines

How much does it cost to install industrial cold storage?

There are many factors affecting the cost of installation of cold storage which can be mentioned as: scale, capacity of cold storage; the size and structure of the system; temperature in the warehouse; cold supply time; cold storage internal structure; materials used;… and the specific requirements of the business establishment. So to answer the question “how much does it cost to install industrial cold storage?” Please contact the cold storage construction unit directly for advice and answers! If your business still has not found a satisfactory consulting unit, please contact the hotline:  094 110 8888  for the fastest and most effective advice!

In addition to the cold storage, the ice machine will need to change the gas and oil during operation to ensure the machine operates at full capacity

Station R22

Gas R22 is the preferred gas when installing pure ice machine refrigeration systems, with the advantage of being easy to maintain when you want to pump more gas, less toxic, non-flammable, chemically stable and cheap.

However, this is a gas that can harm the ozone layer, so according to the development roadmap, in developing countries like Vietnam, this gas can only be used until 2045. Moreover, although it is non-toxic, it can cause harm. Asphyxiation if there is a large concentration in the air.

Suniso oil 4GS

Suniso Refrigeration Oil 4gs is a refrigerant compressor oil of Japanese origin designed for use in lubricating refrigeration compressors in refrigeration systems.

With the test to test the closed tube at 175oC for 14 days, suniso 4gs cold oil does not corrode Fe, Cu, Al.
At -50oC, Suniso 4gs refrigerant does not cause precipitation and wax formation -> effectively used in valve systems and evaporators – where the temperature is always low.

All needs for consultation, investment, installation and visit to quality and efficiency factory industrial ice cubes.

Please contact ICE COOL Vietnam at:

Hotline: +84 935 345 808 or call the switchboard:  +84 94 110 8888 for free and most thoughtful advice.

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