Learn more about the cheapest cold storage address in the market

Making cheap cold storage ICECOOL is being interested by many business stores to use in preserving items. However, to find a cheap and quality cold storage address, not everyone knows. In today’s article, we will introduce you to the uses and places of specializing in cold storage design.

Commonly used cold storage types

Cold storage is a warehouse with the function of cooling according to the appropriate temperature so that it can keep good heat in the process of preserving foods, seafood, agricultural products, drugs, etc. Its use is similar to that of a refrigerator but is design with much larger size.

Currently, cold storage plays an important role for businesses specializing in processing and trading items that need to be refrigerated. At processing plants, there is one or more cold storage facilities to preserve product items from the harvesting stage to transporting and processing products.

There are many types of cold storage on the market
There are many types of cold storage on the market

Cold storage is classified according to requirements such as size, design, function, temperature, capacity and insulation. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate type of cold storage.

Cold storage is designed according to size

This is an important factor to decide on the cold storage design process. Mainly depending on the number of products to be stored, the designer will create a cold storage with the appropriate size. Because cold storage can hold a variety of products, the designer will reduce the capacity to tons of meat MT. For example, a 50 MT warehouse means a warehouse capable of holding 50 tons of meat. However, depending on your needs, you can ask the designer to create a cold storage with the right size for your use.

Cold storage is made according to design characteristics

Normally, making cheap cold storage will be designed according to 2 main architectures: construction warehouse and Panel warehouse. Each type of architecture will bring a different characteristic. As for the type of building warehouse, it is the type of building architecture with the inside covered with insulation layers. The advantage of this type of architecture is that it is very solid. But its disadvantage is that it occupies a lot of space, the installation process is difficult. Aesthetically, this type of warehouse is not rated well. So now very few people use this architecture.

Panel type warehouse is a type of warehouse assembled from insulated panels, they are connected to each other by a very convenient camlock type. Therefore, they are easy to install and disassemble quickly. In addition, the panel warehouse has a pretty and neat form, which is used a lot in the preservation of food, agricultural products or pharmaceuticals…

Each type of cold storage has different characteristics
Each type of cold storage has different characteristics

Address specializes in providing cheap cold storage service

Currently, the demand for cold storage is increasing because of the great uses it brings. Requires addresses specializing in low-cost cold storage to have more and more innovations in design. 

Why use cold storage to preserve products?

These days, customers often have a need to buy foods that do not contain preservatives. Because in fact, everyone realizes that the use of products containing preservatives will seriously harm health. That requires business establishments to change the method of preserving items for sale. One of the effective ways is to use cold storage for preservation. This method helps to keep the food fresh and safe for the health of the user. 

Another outstanding feature of cold storage is that the process of preserving frozen foods is a short-term process. The operation to perform the process is also extremely simple and fast. For products that need to be preserved, which are vegetables and fruits, the freezing time is only a few hours after harvesting. Thanks to that, it will significantly reduce the loss of vitamins and minerals, ensuring their nutritional content.

In addition, cheap cold storage will help you preserve products all year round, ensure food safety as well as contribute to better crop management.

ICE COOL cold storage for good quality when using
ICE COOL cold storage for good quality when using

A reputable place to make cold storage with cheap price

There are many addresses that specialize in providing cheap cold storage services. However, to ensure quality as well as design harmony, you need to find out and choose the right address. To avoid the situation of choosing a cheap cold storage address that is not reputable, you should refer to the comments and reviews of previous customers.

One of the places that provides cheap cold storage services trusted by many customers today is ICE COOL Vietnam. With a wealth of experience in cold storage along with a serious working attitude, our company is committed to bringing you the most modern and most suitable cold storage design. Contact us immediately for more advice on this service via hotline +84 941108888 

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