Design and installation of standard cold storage

Installing cold storage is a widely used and trusted method of preserving food and goods. With the development of society, people’s living needs are increasing day by day. Since then, the product must always ensure safety, hygiene, and freshness. 

Faced with increasing preservation requirements, using cold storage is the most optimal solution. So what is cold storage? Find the best cold storage contractor? All will be answered through the article below, so stay tuned.

Introduction of cold storage

Cold storage is actually refrigerators that are many times larger in size than conventional refrigerators. Because of its large size, it is also equipped with an industrial chiller cluster. The product has a cooling function and keeps it at that temperature for a long time. 

Cold storage also has more diverse refrigeration functions than conventional refrigerators. It can adjust the temperature to freeze, cool, etc. And preserve many products. 

Introduction of cold storage
Introduction of cold storage

Currently, the installation of cold storage has become an indispensable part of production and processing business units. With the current consumption of agricultural and aquatic products, only cold storage can guarantee such a large product quality.

Depending on the product to be preserved, cold storage also has different textures. For example, with a cold store for preserving seafood, the storage temperature is 0 ~ -50 degrees Celsius, and the agricultural product store is only -10 degrees Celsius.

Advantages of installing cold storage

Keeping the freshness of the goods

Cold storage will help store large quantities of goods for a long time. However, it does not affect the freshness of the product, the nutrients, color and flavor are not changed. All will be preserved in the most complete way.

Store many products

With a large cold storage space, it will help you store and preserve many items in the same temperature range. This will save a lot of maintenance costs compared to installing a type of refrigerator.

Installation of cold storage is increasing day by day
Installation of cold storage is increasing day by day

Safe product

Goods preserved by cold storage will not need to use preservatives. This will enhance the reputation of the business, offering safe products that do not contain chemicals to ensure the health of consumers.

Cost savings

Cold storage storage has a smart design, easy to install. Businesses will save a considerable amount of money when installing cold storage. In addition, the electricity consumption of cold storage is also very moderate and not too expensive.

The best construction and installation unit of industrial cold storage

Cold storage ICE COOL is the leading construction and installation unit of high quality cold storage today. The company has many years of experience in the profession specializing in providing installation and construction services for multi-purpose cold storage such as: cold storage for fish, cold storage for meat, cold storage for milk, etc.

The leading prestigious place to install cold storage
The leading prestigious place to install cold storage

With a team of experienced technical staff, genuine imported cold storage equipment. We are committed to providing you with the best quality cold storage construction services at the best price. 

If you are in need of cold storage ICE COOL installation, please contact us immediately via hotline +84 935 345 808 for advice and more detailed information.

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