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Cold storage installation consulting services are becoming more and more popular and known by many people. Because the demand for frozen products and fresh fruits is increasing day by day. 

To meet the increasingly demanding needs of the market, today many business enterprises have gradually switched to cold storage to keep more goods with higher quality. 

With a large quantity of goods from tens to thousands of tons per day, using cold storage is the most perfect solution. Learn more about the product through the content below.

What is cold storage?

Cold storage is similar to conventional refrigerators, but much larger in size. The product is designed and installed in clusters of air conditioners with functions of cooling, freezing, cooling, etc. Both temperature and humidity can be adjusted.

Cold storage storage can adjust the appropriate temperature
Cold storage storage can adjust the appropriate temperature

Thanks to that, food and goods will be preserved and stored in a suitable case, keeping the quality for the longest time. Currently, there are many types of cold storage on the market to meet diverse storage needs such as:

  • Freezing cold storage: used to preserve all kinds of goods such as seafood, agricultural products, etc. With quick freezing function suitable for frozen products. With a negative temperature, food will be preserved longer.
  • Cooling cold storage: suitable for preserving products such as vegetables and fruits. With a cool background that is not too deep, it affects the quality of vegetables and fruits. The product will keep its freshness for a long time. 
  • Versatile cold storage: Can adjust the temperature up and down as required easily. From there, it is possible to store a variety of products.

Regarding the structure of cold storage, depending on the type of goods, the design of each warehouse is different. But all are composed of two main parts, the insulation and the cooling system. 

The structure of cold storage is made up of many parts
The structure of cold storage is made up of many parts

Insulation system includes cold storage cover and cold storage door. The refrigeration system is the heart of the whole cold storage, with the main components being the compressor assembly, the indoor unit and the control cabinet. In addition to these main components, cold storage also has other equipment and supplies.

On the market today, there are many units that are currently providing consulting services to install cold storage . However, only when you find the right reputable consulting unit, you can save costs, optimize area and energy. 

ICE COOL cold storage- specializes in consulting and installing cheap cold storage

Cold storage company ICE COOL is currently the best cold storage installation consultant in the market. With many years of experience in the industry, ICE COOL cold storage has affirmed its brand. 

ICE COOL advises on installing reputable cold storage
ICE COOL advises on installing reputable cold storage

ICE COOL cold storage has experienced, well-trained designers who will make predictions that are close to your requirements. A team of highly qualified technical staff who have participated in many large and small projects will surely satisfy customers. 

Cold storage at ICE COOL with air conditioners imported from abroad, modern calibration equipment. The warehouse shell is made of high-quality heat-resistant panel material, always shiny and luxurious. Powerful performance for high productivity. 

If you want to know more about cold storage installation service at ICE COOL, please contact hotline +84 934 345 808 for further advice.

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