What are the criteria for evaluating industrial clean stone?

The phrase industrial clean ice is probably the one you hear most often in ice cube factories. On the market today, there are many types of ice machines with different types. Therefore, your product must be of high quality to be able to increase its competitiveness. So what are the criteria to evaluate clean stone? Please refer to whether your business is on the right track according to the ice making standards of the Ministry of Health. Let’s take a look at the shares in this article.

What is considered an industrial clean stone?

Pure ice or industrial clean ice   is a product that meets strict physical, chemical and biological quality standards. Only after passing heavy metal standards and a host of other standards including microbiological standards. Through this testing process, the new product is considered pure.

What is the purity rating based on?

Previously, consumers did not pay much attention to the quality of ice. Some people are psychologically unable to distinguish between substandard ice and pure ice. Until, the problem of water filtration and food safety reached an alarming climax, consumers were very confused when using ice cubes.

In addition to bringing ice samples to various laboratories to wait for confirmation results, consumers can also assess the purity of ice for themselves. 

So without modern technology, labs and chemicals, how can you determine the purity of ice? In fact, the way to do it is very simple, it is to distinguish between pure and dirty ice based on physical and chemical properties.

The investment system needs a plan
The investment system needs a plan

Determination of purity of ice after defrosting

Dirty ice is a product containing many impurities, including tiny solids. Or heavy metals, colorless toxins and microorganisms living in the water due to poor filtration. Therefore, when the dirty ice melts, they leave a residue on the bottom of the cup. This is not the case for melted industrial clean ice . Errors in identifying pure ice. Based on the above two methods, you may find that external sensory evaluation does not help you determine which is pure stone.

Pure stone will not cause harm to health. Helps the drink to always be stable in terms of chemical composition and related ingredients. In particular, for food preservation will also have a good effect. Create high efficiency for customer’s business. 

Principles of packaging and labeling

Industrial clean ice products on the market today are carefully packaged to win the trust of customers, ensuring that they are industrial clean ice . However, not all institutions can do this.

The type of packaging to be used is suitable for thick materials to ensure safety and hygiene, with clearly printed information about the stone production facility. Regarding marking, business premises must comply with regulations issued by the state. Because there is a lot of information that transparent stone is pure stone, and opaque stone is dirty stone. However, it is easy for consumers to confuse cleanliness with the age of the stone.

The transparent young ice is very beautiful but melts very quickly. At the same time, old ice is the type that has a longer cooling and heating time in the production process, so the melting time is slower. At the same time, due to the deep cooling time, the turbidity is also greater. Manufacturers of poor quality ice often rely on this factor to deceive consumers by producing small, packaged and frozen ice cubes. 

Ice machines are transported industrially
Ice machines are transported industrially

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