How does an industrial ice machine work?

Ice machine is being trusted and chosen by many investors. Because the current supply is quite increasing, the demand must improve many production techniques to meet the supply to the market. Ice machines have many types but are basically divided into 2 types: ordinary ice machines and industrial ice making machine . These two machines produce the same ice, but the performance and capacity are different. And how is it different? Let’s find out some information about the performance of industrial ice making machine compared to conventional machines in this article!

Ability to work automatically

For industrial ice machines, you just need to pre-set the mode and the machine will work automatically without spending much on your labor costs. Therefore, there is no need to be on duty during the ice making process, but your machine still produces high standard products. 

Create large volume of ice in a short time: With modern advanced process and established with high operating capacity, industrial ice machine is capable of producing a mass of ice in a short period of time. time and ensure that the stones are all clean, aesthetic and quality products.

You will no longer spend a lot of time smashing large rocks into small ones with conventional ice machines that do not ensure even and beautiful balls. It also doesn’t take too long to make many small stones to make a large mass. Industrial ice machine will help you save a lot of effort and time.

Industrial ice machines create large, beautiful and even ice volumes in a short period of time
Industrial ice machines create large, beautiful and even ice volumes in a short period of time

Closed ice making process

The whole production process of the machine is an automatic and self-contained process. After getting the finished ice cubes, they will also return themselves to the reserve compartment and at the same time will stop working if the reserve compartment is full. From water treatment to ice forming, you only need to set up a few basic functions, then the machine will automatically run again into a process. Now operating with such a closed process, the stone when produced ensures food hygiene and safety because it is not exposed to the outside environment. Therefore, industrial ice machines are not only selected for making beautiful and even products, but consumers also feel secure about the hygienic quality of pure ice.

Industrial ice machines apply smart technologies

With simple automatic control, the machine user does not require too much technical knowledge, so it is suitable for the majority of investment customers. ICE COOL industrial ice making machine Controlled by Germany’s SIEMENS PLC programming system, modern machine programming technology helps the machine save electricity. 

The machine is made from high quality 304 stainless steel, this is a type of stainless steel that ensures food hygiene and safety and increases the durability of the machine many times.

Industrial ice machines have been chosen and trusted by customers in recent years because of its high performance and great business efficiency in the production process that many other machines on the market still cannot. comparable. Investing in an industrial ice machine is a smart investment, a long-term business move of the enterprise. 

Quality products from industrial ice machines
Quality products from industrial ice machines

After seeing the performance of the industrial ice machine, hopefully you will choose the right ice machine for your business purposes. You can visit the website of ICE COOL Ice machine ICE COOL To learn more about the capacity of each type of machine And order as well as contact for consultation at the web!

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