Experience in buying industrial and civil ice cube machines

On the market today, there are many different types of ice machines with their own identities. Each type will serve different needs and purposes for product buyers or businesses in general. In fact, there are many successful businesses when choosing the right production tools, the finished product will be as you want. So the experience of buying ice machine that you need to pay attention to when choosing an industrial and civil ice machine. These combined knowledge will help your business stand out in the market of ice machines.

Determine your needs when investing in an industrial ice machine

To choose a good ice machine, you must not only understand your own needs, but also choose the right machine and technology. However, know your own needs to be in harmony with the overall business. And this is the experience of buying a machine to help you have a successful business.

Experience in buying and ordering industrial ice machines

Due to the fast payback time and the increasing demand for clean ice, the ice business is now very convenient. However, you also need to have machine buying experience considering many factors, such as population size, water quality characteristics. This is also the difference between industrial ice machines and other civil machines.

For industrial machines suitable for business. The larger the capacity, the higher the profit and the larger the output, so it is necessary to find the right income. The features that come with it are a bigger investment. So we suggest you need to think carefully. 

In general, if an ice factory wants to have a competitive price and investment, it is best to choose a machine with a standard capacity of 5 tons/day for best efficiency. Those are the recommendations that you need to pay attention to the output of the machine.

Machine buying experience helps you make the right choice
Machine buying experience helps you make the right choice

We recommend this for two reasons, if in the industry use a machine with a production capacity of less than 3 tons/day, the output is low. With the same cost of labor, delivery … so the production capacity of ice is usually only 80% -90, so the efficiency is not high.

Investigate the population size in the area where you intend to do business. There are two factors that affect the demand for ice, one is the weather, the other is the size of the population living in the area.

Experiences of buying industrial ice machines

The first machine buying experience is that the machine must produce clean ice.

Commercial ice cubes, like any other food, must put product quality first. Because if you do it wrong, it is extremely difficult to repair, because if it is verified that the stone is not clean, the business will lose everything. Having good quality will help you get more certifications to show your customers the credibility and quality of your products.

Warranty and replacement policy in case of trouble

Without the system, a device can run stably for a year and be assured that it will never fail. Because it is a machine, even if the product is manufactured on a closed line, errors cannot be avoided. You must choose a unit with a branch network and enough capacity to support.

Finished products for producing ice cubes
Finished products for producing ice cubes

Do not buy used machines with small capacity

Ice making technology and improvements are constantly changing, usually every 2 years the machine manufacturer will update the version of the machine and improve a certain technology. The new machine in general must aim for stable operation, especially saving electricity compared to the previous machine. The experience of buying a machine with a new investor in an ice machine for business should be noted and considered carefully.

Gọi ngay Nhận báo giá

Ice machine ICE COOL Vietnam is always ready to advise and support on how to choose the right ice machine capacity, design a pure ice factory and provide production technology transfer to customers. row.

For detailed advice, please contact Hotline (Zalo): 0935.345.808  or call center: +84 94.110.8888 for support.

Thank you for trusting and installing ICE COOL ice machine !

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