Structure and installation location of technical standard cold storage

Cold storage installation not only helps to effectively preserve and keep pure ice with the best quality, but it is also an effective investment solution in the production of high quality pure ice.

Components of cold storage

  • Warehouse shell: panel, cold corrugated iron inside
  • Warehouse floor is assembled with impact-resistant stainless steel box
  • Warehouse doors are made of stainless steel
  • Control box, aptomat, magnetic starter, temperature meter, with functions of temperature alarm, temperature difference, setting time to defrost, timer and control the freezer after defrosting..
Installation of cold storage to store ice cubes
Installation of cold storage to store ice cubes

Location of cold storage

For the cold storage to operate at its best efficiency depends not only on the quality of the cold storage installation unit but also on the factors of the location where the cold storage is intended to be installed.

  • The cold storage is constructed of polyurethane panels, which can be easily mounted, detached or expanded if necessary.
  • Panel shell outside and inside galvanized steel sheet with plastic finish. The insulation is tough polyurethane.
  • The floor slabs are reinforced and withstand the load.
  • Prefabricated cold storages are intended to cool and store perishable products refrigerating or freezing.
  • The cold room is sheltered from direct sunlight, dust and rain.

For advice on selection and support on the construction and installation of cold storage, storage, and ice machines, for the most economical and reasonable use.

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Invest in an ice machine

  • Contact the hotline 094 110 8888 for advice and support on customer concerns about ICE COOL ice machines
  • Take customers to visit the ice factory
  • Factory design, ice machine installation location

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