Answer the question of how long does frozen salmon last?

How long does frozen salmon last ? This is a question that many consumers care about. Because salmon is a type of fish that contains a lot of nutrients, good for human health. To answer this question, let’s follow the article below.

Why is it important to store salmon in the right environment?

Salmon is a golden ingredient in cuisine, not only has the freshness and sweetness of the meat, but also contains a content of nutrients that are very good for human health. However, these substances are easily lost if the fish is not stored properly.

Therefore, we need to understand the properties of this fish in order to have the right form of processing and preservation.

Salmon is rich in Omega 3, DHA, DPA, EPA, good for the brain and body. In addition, they also contain many other vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, etc. All these micronutrients contribute to the development of the human body.

In addition, salmon contains a high content of fat and protein. Depending on the species of fish, the ratio of fat and protein will be high and low. And these substances will be ensured when the salmon is stored up to standards.

Frozen salmon is a favorite dish of many people
Frozen salmon is a favorite dish of many people

How long does frozen salmon last?

To ensure the best quality of frozen salmon meat, first it is necessary to make sure that the salmon being stored is fresh. Fish is processed according to standards, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

The minimum storage temperature for salmon is -18 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the fish will keep its freshness and nutrients as high as possible.

When properly frozen, salmon will keep for about 12 months, up to 18 months at most. The quality of fish is still guaranteed to be delicious, retaining 80% of the nutritional content compared to fresh fish.

This preservation method will help ensure good quality of fish, qualified for export to the most demanding markets. Therefore, it is chosen as the most popular form of aquarium fish preservation today.

Frozen salmon has a very long shelf life
Frozen salmon has a very long shelf life

Things to keep in mind when choosing to buy a fish freezer

How long salmon can be frozen will depend a lot on the freezing equipment. Therefore, you need to choose to buy a storage machine at a reputable unit to ensure the best quality of equipment.

On the market today, there are many companies that provide freezers to meet the needs of customers. However, not every unit offers quality equipment at the best price.

Besides, you should choose to buy a salmon freezer that suits your needs. If storing fish in large quantities, choose a machine with a large size and capacity. The temperature control panel must ensure flexibility with good cooling. On the contrary, if you only freeze fish in small quantities, you should only buy a machine with a small size to save costs.

ICE COOL freezer has a variety of capacities
ICE COOL freezer has a variety of capacities

If you are in need of a salmon freezer, please contact ICE COOL. Here you will get the best quality storage equipment at an affordable price. The freezing equipment at this company has a very long warranty. So, you can rest assured about the quality.

Contact the company directly via hotline +84 941108888 to get more detailed advice from ICE COOL staff. Hopefully the information in the above article has helped you answer the question of how long does frozen salmon last.

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