The special benefits of using frozen scads

Frozen scads bring a lot of benefits to users. Compared to fresh scad, it has a much cheaper price and still ensures freshness and nutrient content. And to learn more details about the benefits of frozen scad, follow the article below.

The benefits of scad meat

Mackerel is one of the foods that are very good for human health. On average, each scad provides 111 calories for the human body. Therefore, this type of fish is very popular with Vietnamese consumers.

In addition, scad meat contains a lot of potassium, which helps maintain and stabilize blood pressure, preventing the risk of complications. When using scad in the daily diet will be very good for people with high blood pressure.

In addition, fish also contains a lot of Omega 3, DHA to help improve brain function, stimulate nerve development. So it is very good in improving memory and behavioral disorders in the elderly.

Because of these benefits, the demand for scad fish is increasing. However, like many other foods, scad cannot keep its freshness at room temperature. Therefore, frozen scad is the leading solution today.

Frozen fish
Frozen fish

Special benefits when using frozen scad

When stored at the right temperature, scads will retain 80% of their original nutrient content. Besides, fish still has a fresh taste even if frozen for a long time. This contributes to solving output problems for farmers as well as keeping the best product quality for businesses.

The freezing process does not need to use any preservatives, so the quality of the scad is very guaranteed.

At a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, harmful bacteria cannot function and grow, so they will not be able to damage fish.

The quality of frozen scad will be guaranteed from 12 to 18 months depending on the storage temperature. It meets the export requirements to supply the fastidious markets in the world.

Currently, the price of frozen scad is much cheaper than that of fresh scad. Therefore, it is suitable for many customers.

Using frozen scad has many benefits
Using frozen scad has many benefits

How to choose the best scad freezer?

The quality of frozen scad will depend a lot on the freezer as well as on the preservation process. Therefore, you need to ensure these two things to get the best product.

And to choose a quality freezer , buy at a reputable unit like ICE COOL. This is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of food preservation equipment in Vietnam. The equipment here is guaranteed good quality, affordable price with a long warranty.

The freezers here are manufactured using modern technology, using good materials, modern refrigeration systems and assembled by a team of skilled technicians. So, you can be completely assured when choosing to buy a freezer here.

ICE COOL fish fast freezing machine has a variety of capacities
ICE COOL fish fast freezing machine has a variety of capacities

Please contact ICE COOL via hotline number +84 941108888 to choose the most suitable storage device for scad. Hopefully, the information in the above article has helped you better understand the benefits of frozen scad as well as choose the best freezer.

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