Things to know about frozen sugar cane for export

The demand for export of sugarcane in our country is increasing, so frozen sugarcane for export is a very important product. By freezing, sugarcane will keep good quality for a long time, ensuring export standards to developed European markets. To learn more about this product, follow the following article.

The uses of sugarcane

Sugarcane is a very popular agricultural product in our country today. In each sugarcane contains up to 70% water, the rest is sugar and vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, … very good for human health. It is often used to produce sugar and refreshing drinks on hot summer days.

Besides, sugarcane juice is also a natural remedy for jaundice and some infections such as urinary tract tablets, gastritis, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Just drink a glass of sugarcane juice every day. day, you can cure these diseases.

In addition, when you have kidney stones, you can drink sugarcane juice regularly because it has a natural ingredient that can break down kidney stones. Sugarcane juice is especially good for people with diabetes because it contains a natural sweetener that is not dangerous or raises blood sugar.

Because of these advantages, the demand for sugarcane at home and abroad is increasing. In particular, export sugarcane is a commodity being developed and promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture. Therefore, the selection of sugarcane preservation method is extremely important.

Sugarcane has many health benefits
Sugarcane has many health benefits

The benefits of export frozen sugarcane

Freezing sugarcane is the best and most commonly used form of sugarcane preservation today. Accordingly, after being processed and cleaned, sugarcane will be quickly frozen to keep its freshness, maintain the same content of water, sugar and vitamins for a long time. Thereby meeting the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

The freezing process of sugarcane is guaranteed to international standards, food hygiene and safety, so the product is always of the best quality, eligible for export to the most demanding markets.

When freezing, there is no need to use any preservative chemicals, so frozen sugarcane always ensures good quality. Besides, at low temperature harmful bacteria cannot live and grow. Therefore, the quality of sugarcane will not be affected by them.

In addition, the selling price of frozen sugarcane for export is now much better than that of fresh cane. At the same time, the transportation process is also easier. Therefore, this is always the first choice of enterprises trading and exporting agricultural products.

Export of frozen sugar cane is the main product
Export of frozen sugar cane is the main product

Where to buy quality sugarcane freezing machine?

You should choose quality freezing equipment at a reputable supplier to ensure the best output. Please contact ICE COOL, a reputable company specializing in the production and supply of agricultural equipment.

With many years of operation in this field, the company is confident to always bring customers good products at the most affordable prices. The variety of models, sizes and capacities of freezers will help customers easily choose the device that best suits their needs.

ICE COOL fish fast freezing machine has a variety of capacities
ICE COOL fish fast freezing machine has a variety of capacities

If you are looking to buy quality and cheap sugarcane freezing machine , please contact ICE COOL via hotline +84 941108888 for more detailed advice. Hopefully through the above article, you have better understand about frozen sugar cane for export.

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