Troubleshooting ice cubes that do not run or defrost continuously

Let’s find out the cause and how to handling ice cubes problem with the ICE COOL machine.

Ice machine continuously defrosting ice

Ice cubes do not run or defrost continuously
Ice cubes do not run or defrost continuously

Manifestations of trouble: When the machine starts running, in a short period of time, this period does not guarantee the usual ice-making process as before, the alarm switches to defrost mode. The stone out time is faster than usual and the stone is not enough to meet the technical requirements, also known as young stone. This stone cannot serve the needs of use.

With experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying ICE COOL ice machines, Vietnam Green Technology Joint Stock Company shows you some of the following basic reasons:

Cause 1: Stuck in the stone tower

– The machine has not fully discharged the ice in the ice tower: It may be due to changes in weather temperature or working pressure leading to a prolonged defrost time. But in the ice making process, time is often set to a certain number and when there is a problem, this indicator is not guaranteed to be completely released from the stone mortar.

– Handling: Set the delay time of the discharge timer to be longer. Check the operating parameters for a treatment plan.

Cause 2: The amount of water supplied to make ice is more than required

– The pump water level is too large: In the pure ice machine system, there is a cold water supply device, also known as a cold water pump. The amount of cold water supplied to the ice tower is adjusted to the optimal index to help the best water circulation. However, it is possible that there is some influence on the flow control device that causes this number to change, which may be too large a change compared to the system requirements resulting in an excess of water supply compared to the system requirements. with ice requirements. When the amount of ice cold water reaches the defrost action level, the system will switch to automatic cyclic defrost mode.

– Treatment: Check the water flow again and reset the indicator to match the system.

Cause 3: Sticking to the water dispenser

– The ice maker divides the water in the ice tower so that the water flows into the ice tube according to the membrane flow principle to help the best freezing process. However, the reality is that many water sources used are dirty, possibly contaminated with lime, alum or dirt. During operation, the amount of dirt is gradually accumulated, leading to a decrease in the amount of water through the ice pipe, and the amount of water supply will be redundant, leading to the phenomenon that the excess supply water will rise a lot and touch the water level probe, so the machine switches to defrost mode.

The water mustache is dirty because the water source is contaminated with lime
The water mustache is dirty because the water source is contaminated with lime

– Handling: Check all water mustache and clean it. It is recommended to check and periodically clean the water whisk on the stone tower.

Cause 4: There is not enough gas to the compressor

– The machine runs out of gas, does not supply gas, water is not supplied to make ice, the level of ice-making water is too low, …. All leads to a decrease in the amount of gas evaporating to the compressor. The low pressure gauge affects the defrost cycle, the machine switches to defrost mode.

– Treatment: Check the amount of gas in the system, check the water supply to determine the cause to fix.
The machine runs for a long time without seeing any ice

The machine runs for a long time without seeing any ice

Contrary to the above incident, the system ran past the normal time but the system still did not perform the defrost procedure. Running for too long than usual often leads to a large amount of energy consumption and can affect the device. This is a dangerous incident because it can affect production costs or destroy equipment if not handled in time. Vietnam Green Technology Joint Stock Company will guide you how to recognize and handle the problem of machine running for too long without defrosting on ICE COOL ice machines.

Cause 1: The water inlet has a higher temperature than normal

– The water entering the ice making is too hot, leading to a prolonged ice making time. Usually, this time lasts 5 to 15 minutes longer than usual. In addition, it is possible that the cooling water supply to the cooling system is too hot, which will affect the cooling performance of the ice machine and also lead to an increase in ice making time.

– Handling: Cover outdoor water storage equipment or pipes leading to water supply system. This problem is not dangerous to the system.

Cause 2: The cooler is dirty

– In the cooling system using water, when the water source is dirty, alum, lime. After the operation process, dirt adheres to the copper pipe system. The staining time depends on the quality of the water source and the type of copper tube in the condenser, the smaller the tube, the easier it is to get dirty. The fouling reduces the heat exchange coefficient, the gas is not well cooled, leading to a prolonged ice making time. Normally with this fault, the high pressure will gradually increase, when reaching the set value, usually 20kg/cm2, the protection system will act to report the fault and not let the system operate, the pressure malfunction light alert the operator.

Ice machine cooling tower
Ice machine cooling tower

There are some cases where the ice making time is extended right from the first operation when the pressure gauge is high from 17-20kg/cm2. The cause assessed by ICE COOL is due to the condenser not having enough capacity or the water pump not having enough flow or the cooling tower not ensuring the cooling function. Therefore, when investing, you should choose a reputable and professional supplier.

– Treatment: Check the water supply and clean the heat exchanger. Manual or chemical cleaning methods can be used. Note, if you use chemicals, you must ensure the safety of the handlers and the safety of the equipment because the chemicals are very corrosive, which can destroy and puncture your heat exchanger pipes. We recommend that you consider chemical methods or call ICE COOL for advice before doing so.

Cause 3: Heat exchanger is leaking gas

– The heat exchanger, also known as the heat exchanger, helps to increase the temperature of the gas flow to the compressor and reduce the gas temperature before the throttling. However, because the manufacturing process is not technical, it leads to overheating or being used after a period of time. As the amount of gas supplied goes straight by pass to the compressor, the amount of gas sucked through the compressor is reduced, leading to a longer ice making time.

– Handling: Remove the overheated tank, test the leak to weld the blown weld or replace it.

Cause 4: Compressor has reduced capacity

– The compressor has a normal capacity reduction problem due to the effect on the connection, which can be the suction leaf pushing or reducing the load. For the compressor used in the ICE COOL ice machine, the load reduction device has been removed, so the problem is usually caused by a broken suction or ejector leaf or an improper opening/closing.

– Handling: Remove the compressor cover and check the suction / ejector blades. In a large capacity compressor, there may be many pistons, so determining which piston position has a problem is also a quick way to check. However, this is a more technical matter and requires experienced testers so we cannot guide this method.

Through the above descriptions, Vietnam Green Technology Joint Stock Company hopes that customers who use ICE COOL ice machines can quickly understand some of the causes and quickly fix them to help minimize the damage caused by ice machines. caused incidents.

In addition, we also recommend that for problems that do not understand the cause, you should not handle it yourself because this is a very dangerous refrigeration system when handled in a state of ignorance.

If you need advice and support, please contact us at phone number 094.110.8888 for the fastest support. All ICE COOL ice machines are consulted and supported free of charge during the time of using the ice machine.


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