What are the uses of industrial ice cube machine float valve?

Technical aspects of the ICE COOL ice machine. The float valve tank contains the gas float, which regulates the liquid level for the stone mortar during work. When the liquid level in the jar is sufficient, the contact opens. After the ice-making process, the gas vaporizes, the liquid level drops and the contact closes to give a signal to open the liquid supply solenoid valve so that the liquid is supplied to the ice cube bowl. Block valve float valve ice machine ICECOOL.
Float valve stop valve
Float valve stop valve
During the operation of the ICE COOL ice machine, 2 stop valves are opened so that the float valve can work according to the principle of 2 connecting vessels. The float valve opens/closes continuously over and over again. Each cycle can be counted in seconds.
During long-term operation, the float valve may become dirty or damaged. Leads to a translation problem. This is also a common problem when using an ice machine.
Block valve, float valve, ice machine
Block valve, float valve, ice machine

To clean or replace the float valve. It is required to isolate the float valve and the stone mortar to avoid loss of gas and prevent air from entering the stone mortar.

There is no need to exhaust the gas too hard and after the treatment is complete, there is no need to vacuum the bottle again.

When the machine is running but there is a problem, heating the float valve tank is also simpler and faster than waiting for the whole stone mortar to cool down.

The need for 2 stop valves is related to troubleshooting time, cost, risk of gas loss, avoiding condensate air entering the machine. Especially with the operator’s skill is not very high, there are 2 stop valves that simplify operation and reduce the risk significantly for the user. This is also a safety factor in the ice machine.

Units that do not install 2 stop valves are mainly related to the cost of materials, labor and time. In addition, for professional workers, the handling is simple for them because the costs incurred later by the customer also have to pay.

In case there are not 2 valves to stop the float valve, the solution should be installed more. This is simple and does not cost much. However, it is necessary to have a good welder and understand the stone machine to ensure technique and safety during processing.

HMI . screen
HMI . screen

With the ICE COOL ice machine, our specialized engineers have further developed the automatic control function by PLC and displayed on the HMI control screen. When there is a problem with the float valve, the ice machine still works normally, without affecting production and business activities. It is no longer necessary to check and replace the float valve, while the machines without this function must stop working for repair or replacement.

Hope the above information will be of great help to you, customers and investors. Ice Machine ICE COOL wishes investors to choose the most suitable and professional ice machine!

Please refer to the video of the ice machine ICE COOL

Customers can visit directly the ice production process at the manufacturer of ICE COOL. For any need for advice, please contact the nearest dealer for the best support. Or hotline +84 94.110.8888 for support.
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