Some principles of industrial pure ice machine installation

Customers when installing the industrial pure ice cube machine ICECOOL will be guided by the company’s technicians in detail, installation and operation of the ice machine. However, you also need to understand some installation principles to ensure that the technician can install safely and quickly.

Principle of installation of industrial ice machine ICE COOL

5 Ton ice cube making machine
5 Ton ice cube making machine
  • The location of the machine is dry, not wet, no obstructions, ensuring good operation of the heat dissipation and cooling system.
  • The power supply for the machine is stable, not flickering. Power supply: 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz.
  • The water connection to the machine is sure, there is no leakage, ensuring a continuous water supply for the machine to work.
  • The main water supply line has a locking valve, locking the water when necessary (repair, troubleshooting, maintenance).
  • The drainage pipe must have a slope to ensure that the water drains out.
  • The water supply pipe has a compression in the range of 2.5 – 5 Pa, ensuring the amount of water is neither too weak nor too strong. If the water is too weak, the machine will work poorly and cannot make ice, if the water is too strong, the ice will not age. Furthermore, too much water pressure can damage the solenoid valve.
Install the ice machine
Install the ice machine

Customers can visit directly the production process of industrial ice machines at ICE COOL’s factory. For any need for advice, please contact the nearest dealer for the best support. Or contact hotline 094.110.8888 for support.

ICE COOL! The leading industrial ice machine in Vietnam.

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