Revealing the most detailed sugarcane quick freezing process

Rapid freezing of sugarcane is the best preservation method today. It helps sugarcane retain its delicious taste and ensure nutrients for a long time. Follow the article below to learn more about this process.

Why should you freeze sugarcane quickly?

Fresh sugarcane contains more than 70% of water, the rest is sugar and vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, etc. It is used in the industry of producing cane sugar and squeezing soft drinks. However, fresh sugarcane after harvesting needs to be used immediately to ensure sweetness and keep the highest nutritional content.

When the outer skin is removed, sugarcane will be very sour and no longer beautiful. Therefore, the preservation by fast freezing is the most effective method commonly used today.

Fast freezing of sugarcane will help the cane stay fresh for a long time, keeping the amount of water and sugar inside. At the same time, sugarcane will not be dark and sour even if left for a long time.

In addition, this preservation method helps sugarcane meet foreign export standards, contributing to solving output for farmers.

Because of these benefits, frozen sugarcane products are increasingly used and this is said to be the best way to preserve today.

Frozen sugar cane is popular
Frozen sugar cane is popular

The most detailed sugarcane quick freezing process

In order to obtain quality frozen sugarcane products that meet export standards, the freezing process needs to meet international standards. And here is the most detailed way to freeze sugarcane you can refer to.

Step 1: First, frozen sugarcane will be selected from fresh, good quality cane. Sugarcane is grown and cared for without the use of pesticides. The sugarcane has a high sweetness.

Step 2: After that, the sugarcane will be shaved off the outer silk layer before being washed with water.

Step 3: Next, the sugarcane will be washed to remove dirt with a spray nozzle.

Step 4: Sugar cane is cut according to customer’s request, usually 25 – 50cm in length.

Step 5: Pack finished products with vacuum zip bags to ensure export quality.

Step 6: Put the sugarcane into the fast freezing machine at -18 degrees Celsius. With this temperature, the sugarcane will be frozen for several tens of minutes to ensure the best quality.

During the freezing process of sugarcane, it is necessary to maintain a stable temperature and the freezer is cleaned regularly. Only then can frozen sugarcane keep the best quality for a long time.

Export of frozen sugar cane is the main product
Simple quick freezing process of sugarcane

The address to buy a reputable sugar cane fast freezing machine

To ensure the quality of the sugarcane freezing machine , you need to choose a reputable supplier. And ICE COOL will be a good suggestion that you cannot ignore. This is a company specializing in manufacturing and supplying the leading prestigious agricultural preservation equipment in Vietnam today.

The freezing equipment here are all manufactured using modern technological lines, ensuring good quality and modern preservation features. This helps to keep food fresh for a long time. Not only that, the freezing price at ICE COOL is always the most competitive in the market.

ICE COOL sugarcane fast freezing machine
ICE COOL sugarcane fast freezing machine

So, please contact the company ICE COOL via hotline 0941108888 for more detailed advice about the device. Hopefully, through this article, you have better understand the process of fast freezing sugarcane as well as the benefits of this form of preservation.

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