Practical applications of cheap industrial ice machines

The product of the ice machine is only one, which is the finished ice. However, the applications of cheap industrial ice cube machine are very large and suitable for many industrial fields. Understanding the practical applications of ice machines gives you the opportunity to source quality output products for your business. Please refer to this article to understand more necessary information about the output product of the Ice Machine .

Product introduction of cheap ice cube machine

Pure cheap industrial ice machine according to the needs of the market is not only large in quantity but also diverse in quality, design and size. To meet a variety of uses and applications for different business units. Customers need to choose the most suitable industrial ice machine according to their needs.

Some ice sizes from cheap industrial ice machines

Large pure stone (L): size 47 x 80 mm (or 44 x 80 mm). Products specializing in serving beverage, beer, beverage…

Large and medium pure stone (E&M): 38 x 40 mm. Usually used to drink iced tea, iced water, …

Small medium pure ice (M): 34 x 40 mm. The product is often used for drinking smoothies, fruits, … 

Small pure ice (S) : 19 x 20 mm used for drinking coffee, juice, mixed water 

There are many types of sizes depending on the needs of the desired use of the customer.

Small and medium pure ice (M): 34 x 40 mm used to drink smoothies, fruits, …

According to the needs of customers, there are many different sizes of stones. However, for the type of ice used in industry, it is common to use large stones for ice machines.

External introduction of cheap industrial ice machine
External introduction of cheap industrial ice machine

Classification of products from cheap industrial ice machines

Is a cheap imported industrial ice machine equipment that specializes in making different large and small ice cubes. There are two main types of ice machines: mini ice machines and industrial ice machines. These types of ice cubes are used to make drinking water, process and preserve frozen food, …

Industrial ice machine is a line of ice machines with good cooling system, fast ice making speed. The machine is used in combination with an advanced safe and hygienic water purification line, saving time, electricity, labor, automatic alarm system.

The industrial ice machine uses stainless steel and heat treatment to ensure the best heat transfer performance.

The process of creating products of cheap industrial ice machines

Cheap industrial ice machine uses standard water 90m deep, well water, groundwater as the source of water treated with RO or Nano filtration systems or Ultrafiller UF reverse osmosis, using ultraviolet rays or ozone to kill bacteria. The ice mold, ice cutter, ice dispenser, cold mortar and ice bucket of the pure ice machine system are all made of stainless steel that does not rust over time like SUS 304 stainless steel.

Industrial ice machines are tubular ice machines. The ice machine has a compact structure, stable quality, durable, high efficiency, energy saving, easy operation, especially the price is only 1/3 of the machine made in Vietnam and only 1/2 of the price. domestically produced machines. Thailand.

When hearing about the influence of stone, perhaps many of us will not be surprised. In practice, many situations require large contact and cooling areas. Ice cubes do not meet this point. The ice has just melted, it covers a large area.

Easy-to-understand industrial ice machine making model
Easy-to-understand industrial ice machine making model

In short, although the product of the cheap industrial ice machine is basically just ice cubes. However, the applications of this device are extremely large. So you should carefully consider the output factors to choose a reputable product with high quality at the website .

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