How to maintain the ice machine for long-term use?

How to maintain the ice machine? If you have chosen an ice machine to invest in your business, you will certainly want to use it for a long time to save costs and increase profits. Therefore, you not only have to know how to use it properly, but you also need to know how to maintain the Ice Machine .

Why is it necessary to maintain the ice maker?

The factor that affects the life of the machine is not only the materials used to make the machine, but also the way people use, use and maintain it so that the ice machine can have a rest period. rested and properly maintained and maintained. Only in this way can we prolong the life of the machine.

Above all, if the ice machine is not stored and cleaned regularly and properly, it will lead to the machine not being able to meet production needs, the machine’s working productivity may be reduced and the quality will also be reduced. , the ice may be sticky and uneven. It is necessary to store the machine at a suitable temperature, Provide enough water to ensure the cooling mode works best.

Several methods of maintaining industrial ice machine equipment, parts and components, and methods of routine maintenance of such equipment. In addition, you can also learn through other information channels and get the most scientific method to protect your ice machine.

What will the ice machine be like if it is not cleaned?

If the industrial ice machine is not cleaned, maintained regularly, cleaned and stored improperly, the finished ice will not meet the requirements of the user, the production efficiency of the machine is low, the ice making time will be low. For a long time, the stone is sticky. . Hard to remove mold…

If users let the temperature of the cooling system inside the machine differ from the outside, it will also cause the machine to fail quickly. In addition, if the user forgets to supply water to cool the machine, the machine will stop working.

Holding in hand the finished product of the ice machine
Holding in hand the finished product of the ice machine

How to maintain the ice machine?

There is a rest mode for the appropriate machine

The ice machine cannot continuously work for many days and nights. Even if operating so smoothly, it is possible to produce a large amount of ice cubes. However, you need to consider and choose a machine with a capacity suitable for your needs so that the machine does not have to work too much during the day. The need to operate regularly, No hygienic rest mode will make the machine easily damaged.

Machine cleaning process

Disconnect the power and water before carrying out maintenance and cleaning operations: Disconnecting the power supply before cleaning the machine will help you avoid danger by the phenomenon of fire, short circuit, two electric shocks. And when you have turned off the water source, you will avoid the phenomenon of water overflowing into components, affecting the durability of equipment and components installed in the machine.

Thoroughly clean the ice compartment
Thoroughly clean the ice compartment

Prepare machine cleaning solution: It is necessary to prepare a machine cleaning solution that is a specialized washing water for ice machines . You need to clean with this specialized cleaner first, then rinse with clean water and dry. This is a cleaning solution that ensures to kill all bacteria on the surface of the machine so that the machine is thoroughly cleaned.

Pour the cleaning solution into the water tank, then close the supply pipe of the source valve. Turn on the machine and let it run for 10 minutes, then continue to disconnect the power.

Keep opening the water valve, Clean the stone mortar with clean water for 5 minutes and turn off the water.

Check the electrical connections in the machine for damage or looseness at any point in order to take timely repair and remedial measures. 

Check the room temperature, the ambient temperature is consistent with the machine’s standards, to make the appropriate adjustment. 

An important step in maintaining the machine is to clean the ice compartment. This compartment should be carefully examined, cleaned and removed any remaining sharp objects that may cause damage to the machine. Rinse the machine again with water, then lock the water tank and wipe it dry again.

Turn off the power before starting to clean the machine
Turn off the power before starting to clean the machine

Above are some ways to maintain and clean the ice machine to help it last for the longest time and achieve the highest working efficiency. Do not make mistakes during storage that cause unnecessary damage to your ice machine. Visit the ICE COOOL Ice Machine Website to collect more information and order products. 


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