How to use cold storage to preserve the best quality beer

Most beer shops or restaurants now use cold storage to store beer . So why should you use this method? What are the characteristics of this approach? Let’s find out through today’s article.

Some notes to preserve delicious beer

Beer is a very popular product today that many people love for its freshness. Especially on hot summer days. However, to preserve the delicious beer, keep the original taste, you need to know how to preserve beer effectively.

Ensure a reasonable place to store beer

When preserving beer, you need to pay attention, beer is very resistant to direct sunlight. Leaving beer in places with sunlight will easily make beer increase oxidation, greatly reducing its delicious taste. Therefore, the location for beer should be cool places, away from direct sunlight. You can put the beer in the refrigerator to keep its delicious taste. If the amount of beer to be preserved is large, the most effective method is to use cold storage to preserve beer.

When storing beer in the refrigerator or in cold storage, you should not keep the beer bottle horizontal. Hold the beer bottle upright to minimize the exposure of the beer to the air, which slows down the oxidation process. In addition, if the beer is left horizontal, the amount of beer will come into contact with the bottle cap, in the long run, the amount of bacteria will be born and penetrate into the beer, losing the taste of the beer.

Need to store beer in a place with ideal temperature
Need to store beer in a place with ideal temperature

Ensure beer storage temperature

Temperature is one of the important factors determining the taste and shelf life of beer. You should maintain the storage of beer at a certain temperature, avoiding frequent temperature fluctuations. The appropriate temperature to store beer is from 10-12 degrees Celsius, if the temperature is higher, beer will be faster. Conversely, if the temperature is lower than the beer will easily lose flavor.

You should pay attention to the rule of beer storage: the higher the alcohol temperature, the higher the temperature required to preserve the beer. 

Pay attention to the shelf life of beer

When buying beer to store at home, you need to check the expiration date of the beer to be sure that you have bought a new beer. Using new beer will taste much better than old beer. Once you open the beer cap, you should use it all in one go. Do not put leftover beer in a cabinet or warehouse for storage because it will cause CO2 to evaporate and the beer flavor will make it no longer delicious. Beer will be very delicious if you know how to store and use it at the right time.

Preserving draft beer by using cold storage to preserve beer

The use of cold storage to preserve beer will help you own a large number of delicious, convenient and easy-to-use beer at all times. However, you need to grasp some characteristics of this preservation.

Why should you use cold storage to preserve beer?

This is a method of preserving beer that is quite familiar to everyone at beverage stores or restaurants. Especially for factories specializing in beer production and business, owning cold storage for beer preservation is considered an indispensable equipment. The use of cold storage to preserve beer will help your store easily meet the needs of a large number of customers.

Cold storage of beer is very convenient and necessary
Cold storage of beer is very convenient and necessary

In addition, because beer is a typical beverage, if it is not stored properly, it will easily spoil. If you store it at too high a temperature will make the beer pale, if the temperature is too low, it will lose its fresh taste. With cold storage to preserve beer, you will enjoy beer with the highest quality. The preservation of beer in cold storage will help the beer to keep its original taste and taste.

Features of cold storage for beer preservation

The main function of beer cold storage is to cool and keep beer bombs cold, this feature is generally similar to that of a refrigerator. However, cold storage also has its own outstanding characteristics. 

Cold storage to preserve beer of large size and variety. You will find on the market there are many cold storage lines with different sizes. Cold storage lines will usually be much larger in size than refrigerators. So you can easily stock up on large quantities of beer. 

Construction of large-scale beer storage cold storage
Construction of large-scale beer storage cold storage

Cold storage used to preserve beer also has a cold temperature adjustment feature. Depending on your own taste, you can easily set the right temperature for the product you want to store.

A very nice feature of cold storage beer storage is that you can request to design the warehouse according to the size you want. This helps you to store a large amount of beer without wasting cold storage.

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