Tell you how to use cold storage to preserve mushrooms effectively

Using cold storage to preserve mushrooms is a method that many people apply because it’s easy to do. However, how to properly preserve mushrooms is still a question many of you have. Today’s article will help you learn more about this preservation.

Health benefits of mushrooms

Mushrooms are foods that contain a lot of nutrients that are good for human health. In particular, mushrooms contain a large amount of vitamin D, which is extremely important for the immune system and bones.

Mushrooms are very good at lowering blood pressure

Mushrooms are very effective in lowering blood pressure for people with high blood pressure. In mushrooms, potassium is also very abundant, which reduces the negative effects of sodium on health.

Mushrooms have many benefits for humans
Mushrooms have many benefits for humans

Mushrooms help strengthen the immune system

Currently, the regular addition of foods that strengthen the immune system is something that many people are interested in. Mushrooms are also one of the foods that have the ability to boost the immune system very well. 

According to research, mushrooms have a high anti-inflammatory effect that significantly improves the immune system. Mushrooms have a role in stimulating the micro-organisms in the immune system, increasing the ability to defeat foreign bodies, reducing the incidence of dangerous diseases.

Mushrooms are very helpful in weight loss

For those who are on a diet, regular use of mushrooms will be very good. The combination of exercise and regular use of mushrooms will help your weight loss situation improve significantly. Mushrooms contain many vitamins and minerals that help you not be tired and exhausted during weight loss.

How to cook mushrooms into delicious dishes

Mushrooms are very good for health, but to maximize their use, you need to process mushrooms in a reasonable and scientific way. The improper processing of mushrooms is very easy to cause harm to the body.

Make sure the mushrooms are fully cooked when processing

This is an important point to ensure safety when using mushrooms you should know. In the process of preparing mushrooms, you need to boil the mushrooms for a certain amount of time, an average of 10 minutes. However, you should weigh each type of mushroom to get the right boiling time. Make sure the mushrooms you cook are fully cooked so that nothing is harmful to the body.

In case you process mushrooms into fried dishes, stir-fry with high heat, mushrooms will lose some essential nutrients. Therefore, to keep the maximum nutrients, you should bare the mushrooms and then use the microwave to ensure nutrients.

Use cold storage to preserve mushrooms to ensure quality before processing
Use cold storage to preserve mushrooms to ensure quality before processing

Limit the cleaning and preliminary processing of mushrooms too thoroughly

Most of the fungi we can use are grown in a fairly clean environment. Therefore, when preparing mushrooms, you can wash them, but do not wash them too thoroughly because they will accidentally remove some essential nutrients. In addition, mushrooms are very water-absorbing, so if you curse many times, the amount of water will soak into the mushrooms more. This will make the mushrooms lose their natural juiciness.

How to use cold storage to preserve mushrooms you should know

There are many ways to preserve mushrooms, however, using cold storage to preserve mushrooms is still the optimal method. Using cold storage to preserve mushrooms will help mushrooms retain their freshness, avoiding harmful bacteria from entering and affecting the health of users.

How to preserve straw mushrooms by cold storage to preserve mushrooms

Normally, if only storing mushrooms in the refrigerator, they can be kept for 4 days. However, for people with busy jobs and little time to go to the market, this preservation is not an effective method.

Therefore, to have a longer time to preserve shiitake mushrooms, you should use cold storage to preserve mushrooms. The method is extremely simple, you just need to wash the straw mushrooms and then drain the water. After it is dry, you put the mushrooms in the bags with the amount you want and then vacuum again. Finally, put in cold storage to preserve mushrooms and then use them gradually.

Using mushroom storage is very necessary
Using mushroom storage is very necessary

How to preserve abalone mushrooms by cold storage to preserve mushrooms?

In order to use mushrooms to get the best taste, you need to pay attention when choosing mushrooms at the market. You should choose fresh mushrooms to ensure the best quality. After buying mushrooms, you need to clean the mushrooms and then cut off the legs. Next you need to separate the mushrooms and wash them again. For abalone mushrooms, you need to dip them in a pot of boiling water with a little salt for about 15 seconds and then drain them. Finally, put it in a clean box and then keep it in cold storage to preserve mushrooms. With this method, you can store abalone mushrooms for about 1 month.

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