How much does ICE COOL industrial clean ice machine cost?

The price of a clean ice machine is a matter of concern to many business owners because this is a highly applicable device. It can produce industrial ice cubes, pure ice, mini ice with different sizes. Compared with the traditional way of making ice, this device shows the superiority of features as well as cost optimization.

The need to use a clean ice machine

Currently, the demand for daily use of ice cubes shows a remarkable increase, especially on hot summer days. It can be used at all shops, restaurants, beverage shops, karaoke bars, cafes, canteens, commercial centers, construction sites,…

Clean stone is really useful to people
Clean stone is really useful to people

It can be said that the clean ice machine has served the needs of many customers. Moreover, with the trend of more and more food and entertainment services appearing, it is certain that in the future more and more business owners will invest in using this equipment.

Especially when the tastes of today’s consumers are getting more and more advanced and they are aiming for hygiene and safety standards to ensure health, there is no longer a place for substandard ice machines . People choose clean ice making equipment with the most advanced technology with a 100% closed process to ensure the purity of the ice. 

How much is the optimal price of an ice machine with the optimal technology?

Although many businesses want to invest in a clean ice machine system, the cost issue also makes them consider a lot. So how much is the price of a high-tech clean ice machine?

In fact, the price of the ice machine will vary depending on the capacity as well as the features you want to choose. However, for equipment that is made entirely in the country, it will certainly be cheaper than foreign imported models. So is there a difference in quality versus price?

The price of the clean ice machine is affordable and reasonable
The price of the clean ice machine is affordable and reasonable

The brands that distribute clean ice machines in Vietnam are not inferior in terms of features because of the application of European standard technology. The price of 1 ton ice machine for domestic equipment will fluctuate in the range of 230 million VND or more, only ½ to ⅓ of imported machines. 

The line of clean ice machines with a mid-range capacity from 5 to 7, 10 tons will cost only from 440 million. Equipment for industrial clean ice machines with a capacity of 30 tons will cost 1.6 billion VND. Therefore, depending on the finances of each business or household, you can choose the appropriate equipment. 

Quotation of ice machine ICE COOL

The brand of clean ice machine ICE COOL is no stranger to businesses operating in the fields of restaurants, hotels, eateries, refreshments, commercial centers,… With many years of experience in operation. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality equipment.

ICE COOL specializes in clean ice machines
ICE COOL specializes in clean ice machines

At ICE COOL you will experience the best service:

  • Support nationwide shipping program
  • Guaranteed 100% genuine products with diverse features
  • Optimize all production costs for businesses 
  • Warranty policy up to 12 months
  • Companion and quick technical support

Contact ICE COOL today at hotline +84 94.110.8888 for advice and a quote on the most advanced technology clean ice machine. 

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