Instructions for changing the oil of the ICE COOL ice maker and notes when operating the machine

How to change the ice machine oil and what to pay attention to in the process of changing the ice machine oil.

Why do you need to change the oil of the ice maker?

During the operation of the ice machine, in addition to following the basic principles, the periodic maintenance and oil change for the ice machine is also something that customers need to pay attention to and pay attention to.

As well as motorcycle engines, cars. Lubricating oil helps the compressor operate more smoothly and stably, and the ice-making performance is better, so the oil change of the ice maker should be done once a year. Following are the steps on how to change the oil of the ice maker so that customers can do it themselves at their own ice factory  .

Check ice machine oil

During the operation of the ice machine, ICE COOL recommends changing the oil once a year on average for the best performance.

The machine operator can check the amount of oil by looking at the transparent glass of the oil supply door cover, (This position may be below or to the right of the compressor, depending on the brand of refrigeration compressor HITACHI or HITACHI. Mitsubishi .

How to check the compressor oil level before changing the ice maker oil
How to check the compressor oil level before changing the ice maker oil

There are 3 cases that should replace the compressor:

  • Oil is cloudy, turns from yellow to black
  • The amount of oil is no longer, this case is rarely encountered, usually the oil does not circulate from the stone tower back to the compressor.
  • The machine has been used for more than 3 years, the amount of oil when looking through the glass is still there, the color has not turned black like now, the nature of the oil is no longer there.

The advantage of changing the oil for the compressor as well as changing the oil for the engine of motorcycles and cars, this helps the engine to operate stably and with better performance.

Compressor gas discharge

Before changing the oil for the compressor, the first thing to do is to suck gas for the compressor.

Note: Do not exhaust all the gas in the compressor, but leave a little to avoid outside air entering. You can check through the pressure gauge, the needle is just above 0 1.

  • Turn on the compressor: Select Main mode in the ice machine control screen, select the compressor and turn on, when the pressure gauge needle reaches the required (Above 0 level), turn off the compressor.
  • Lock the compressor push valve to stop the gas from overflowing to the compressor.
  • Start it up and drain all the Gas

Clean the filter

Inside the refrigeration compressor, there is a device that is an oil filter, this device during use will get dirty and need to be cleaned by soaking with gasoline and a toothbrush.

Attention: need to be dry and free of water during filter cleaning.

Clean the filter when changing the ice maker oil
Clean the filter when changing the ice maker oil

Oil supply for ice machine

Use special oil for refrigeration compressors, and add oil until full. When the oil spills out a little, close the lid and turn the screw.

Transparent and the oil leveler absolutely does not allow water to enter the compressor, the equipment, the oil pipeline, the pouring hopper are completely dry.

Change the oil of the ice maker
Change the oil of the ice maker

To better visualize how to change the oil of the ICE COOL ice maker. Customers can watch the detailed video of changing the oil of the ice machine below

Restart the ice machine and complete the ice machine oil change procedure

After completing the oil change process, restart the ice maker, check the low pressure gauges, and the oil pressure has reached a safe level.

After the test steps, the ice machine ICE COOL can operate more stably and the efficiency is significantly increased after changing the ice maker’s oil.

Any need for advice, design, investment in ice machine , please contact us via Hotline: +84 94 110 8888, we will support in the most thoughtful way.

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