Ice machines for hotels and the benefits they bring

The hotel ice machine is very popular today because it brings many practical benefits to the business. Do you know what these benefits are? If not, please come to our article right away. 

Ice machine for hotel brings the purest ice source

Ice cubes are one of the secret ingredients in the art of mixing cocktails and other qualities. This ingredient, even though it is colorless and tasteless, should not be overlooked by the bartender as it is really important in the mix. 

There is no cocktail without a beautiful and pure ice. Ice cubes act as a source of cool, fresh water in drinks, it can affect the taste and quality of the product because impurities in the ice as well as microorganisms in the already poor quality will lose the taste. deliciousness of the drink. 

Ice cubes are essential in the restaurant business
Ice cubes are essential in the restaurant business

3 main functions cannot be ignored of ice cubes in drinks

  • Makes drinks taste cooler and tastier
  • Can be added to drink with spirits such as whiskey
  • Create must be aesthetic 

Clean ice cubes are safe for health

In this day and age, there is nothing more important than protecting your health. The hotel ice machine has an integrated high-quality water filtration system that will remove all types of bacteria and impurities in the water source. From there, it will create pure, unblemished stones that can be used in all cases. 

The cost to buy an ice machine is not as expensive as you think, it is almost the same as buying ice outside. In order to improve the benefits for customers, the machine needs a power-saving mechanism. 

Quick supply for business units 

With the need to use a large volume of bottom every day, it is essential to prepare your own ice machine. Did you know that this machine with an extremely long ice making time, it only took him 10 to 20 minutes to have a big argument. 

Various capacity to suit your requirements

With the increasing demand of customers, the capacity of our ice machine is increasingly diverse from 500kg to 10 tons. With a volume of stone like this, it is enough to meet the business needs of large units. 

Where should I choose to buy an ice machine for the hotel to ensure quality? 

Although ice machine products are very popular, not all suppliers are genuine and bring the benefits that we have mentioned above. You have to go to big places, big brands to expect to buy products. quality. 

Buy ice machines at a reputable address
Buy ice machines at a reputable address

When deciding to buy a product, customers should also consult many units to know the most appropriate price as well as the most suitable machine. You have to see all the reviews around the brand, about that product line. It is better for customers to ask for reviews from people who have used the products. 

SUNSAY is the name we want to mention to our customers because this is a long-standing brand with many years in the supply industry. You just need to listen to the advice of the staff to see that This is a reputable place for mediation to answer all questions about professional issues. Immediately contact the hotline +84 94.110.888 for advice. 


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