Is the ice maker for the restaurant necessary or a waste?

Restaurant and restaurant owners are always considering whether to own an ice maker for their restaurant . To choose to buy this or any other device, you need to consider a lot of related factors, not simply. How much experience do you already know when buying? Surely you will be surprised with the factors to keep in mind that we cover in this article. 

Related factors to understand when choosing to buy an ice maker for a restaurant

Surely many people will be surprised to hear about the factors involved when choosing to buy an ice machine. Only when it meets all of the following conditions will it be suitable for the size and needs of your business. 

Choose carefully about the size and capacity of the machine 

The size of the ice machine product line will depend on the capacity, usually the larger the capacity, the larger the size because it includes the ice container. To your restaurant that needs to consume a large amount of ice each day, you usually come with a separate ice storage unit. Using a general-purpose container can save space. 

Should choose an ice machine with the capacity of the restaurant
Should choose an ice machine with the capacity of the restaurant

The choice of size and capacity is one of the important factors. If you choose to buy a small capacity machine now, you will soon have to change a new machine and your shop will grow over time. From this factor, you should think carefully what kind of machine is really needed. 

Does the rim size affect the ice maker? 

Different ice machines will produce different sized ice cubes. The shape of the stone can also be a big influence on increasing efficiency in business. For restaurants that use a lot of alcohol, it is advisable to choose a large stone. It also helps the ice to melt again in the middle of the cold beer. With such a large size, even if you have few ingredients, the glass will look full.

 Good price of ice machine and many other accompanying utilities 

No business unit has an infinite budget. Sometimes you find a few suitable coffee shop ice machines, but with your needs, you need to once again consider your budget.  

Choose an ice maker with good productivity
Choose an ice maker with good productivity

In addition to looking at the price of the ice machine for you, you can also consider other benefits during use: 

  • With a good clean water filtration system, it will create pure stones that are safe for users’ health from which your brand is also appreciated. 
  • Save power consumption
  • Low installation cost
  • Long term warranty 

Therefore, customers are only focused on the price and consider all relevant aspects to make the most accurate decision. 

SUNSAY – the most popular restaurant ice maker supplier

How to choose an ice machine is completely up to you, but it is best to choose really reputable units to buy products. SUNSAY is very proud to be a companion to provide genuine products at good prices to users. 

The ice machine always meets the needs of effective use
The ice machine always meets the needs of effective use

Please contact us via hotline +84 94.110.8888 for more specific advice on products as well as available promotions. All of this information is for the purpose of enhancing the benefits for customers. 

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