Where is the reputable small ice machine sold in the market?

Currently, the use of small ice cube machines has become very popular in today’s market. These ice machines are often used in restaurants, beverage shops or pubs to provide clean ice cubes immediately. Let’s learn about the structure as well as the ice making stages of these useful ice machines in the article below.

Structure of small ice cube machine

Small ice machines are generally similar in structure to large capacity ice machines, but the equipment in this machine is smaller in size as well as more sophisticated. large ice machines. The detailed structure of these small ice machines will be presented below.

Main equipment of mini ice cube machine

Small ice machines have two types of equipment: main equipment and auxiliary equipment. The main devices will be mentioned here

Compressor: this is the device that will compress the water pressure so that it can create a reasonable thrust for the equipment in the back.

Condenser: This device will perform heat exchange and heat transfer for water, so this condenser unit usually comes with cooling towers located at the top.

Small ice cube machine
Small ice cube machine

Throttle system: This throttling system has the main purpose of reducing the pressure of the water being pushed to high pressure by the compressor.

Evaporation system: here the amount of refrigerant will be evaporated and generated heat for ice.

Auxiliary equipment of mini ice machine

These auxiliary devices are devices that do not directly contribute to the ice making process for the machine, but they also play a very important role in the entire production process of small ice machines.

Oil separator: based on the principle of specific gravity of substances, the amount of oil lighter than water will float to the top and thereby separate the amount of oil in the ice-forming water, contributing to the stones becoming clean and clear. more pure.

Small ice machine products give you a realistic look
Small ice machine products give you a realistic look

High-pressure tank: here the amount of high-pressure refrigerant will be stored. This system will supply an adequate amount of high-pressure refrigerant to the throttle system unit.

Liquid separator: the ice after being solidified can still contain water on the outside, so the liquid separator will take this excess water out of the dry ice.

Heat recovery tank: the heat recovery tank will exchange heat between the refrigerant and the spiral system containing clean water flowing through, thereby freezing this water.

We can see that the number of parts of small ice machines is quite a lot, but these parts are combined with very reasonable operation, creating a closed and clean ice making process. good quality.

The stages of making ice cubes of the mini ice machine

These small ice machines also have the same stages as the industrial ice machines, but with a much smaller output. Distinguishing between these two types of ice machines is mainly about the capacity of ice production. The process of creating ice cubes also goes through the following stages:

Stage 1

Here the steam will be sucked up to the oil separator with the main purpose of cleaning and removing grease as well as dirt of the medium. When this steam has a relatively low temperature and pressure, it will be compressed to high pressure with high temperature at this stage.

Next, this hot steam will exchange heat with clean water, this water will be cooled and prepared for freezing.

Finished ice products
Finished ice products

Stage 2:

In the heat recovery tank, the refrigerant will be cooled down when it has passed through the evaporator. Then in this liquid form, the refrigerant will be put into a high-pressure container, the throttle system reduces the pressure until it can be evaporated. This amount of refrigerant then receives the heat of the cold ice water and continues to evaporate.

Comment: it can be seen that the principle of operation of the ice machine in theory is quite difficult to understand for those who are not technical people. But customers can still use these mini ice machines with peace of mind because in actual operation they are easy to understand and simple to use.

Where is a reputable place to buy a small ice machine?

With the demand for these small ice machines is increasing day by day. The system specializing in producing ice machines ICE COOL is pleased to introduce to you many types of small to large ice machines on the market. Please contact us via hotline +84 941108888 or visit website https://maydavien.vn/   for more complete and dedicated advice. Sincerely thank you!

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