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Currently, factories and clean ice production facilities have a common concern and question that is the 2 ton ice machine price , 3 ton, and 10 ton ice machine. The ice machines with such a capacity of tons are all industrial ice machines, often used in large ice factories or fishing ports and seaports. Let’s learn about these industrial ice machines in the article below.

What is an industrial ice machine?

Industrial ice machine is a technological machine specializing in the production of ice cubes to supply to the market in large quantities as well as with many different models. This machine is quite large in size and has a high investment cost, and is used in factories specializing in providing clean ice or in fishing ports, where a large amount of ice cubes are needed during the day. The capacity of these machines is selected according to the requirements of the demand for use in those ice production facilities and the surrounding area.

Close-up image of the ice machine
Close-up image of the ice machine

Structure of industrial ice machine

These large capacity industrial ice machines are basically similar in structure to small ice machines, used for households or other refreshment shops. These ice cube machines have two main types of parts, main parts and auxiliary parts, which are detailed below.

Main divisions

These are the parts that do the main job of creating the ice cubes. It can be said that these are the core parts of these ice machines

Compressor: this is the part that will compress the refrigerant to high pressure so that it can be used for the next stages.

Condenser: here will occur the heat exchange process between the medium and the water used to make ice cubes, this amount of clean water will be reduced in temperature by compensating for the amount of refrigerant. Therefore, this condenser device often comes with an additional part, which is the cooling tower.

Main parts of 2 ton ice cube machine
Main parts of 2 ton ice cube machine

Evaporation system: The evaporator system is a system that allows previously compressed high pressure refrigerant lines to evaporate along with increasing its own temperature.

Throttle system: This throttling system will reduce the pressure for the high-pressure refrigerant compressed by the compressor, reducing the pressure, and its heat will be drastically reduced.

Extra parts

Unlike the system of main components above, the devices included in this sub-unit do not directly contribute to the ice making process of the machine. These parts have other roles, although not as important, but are still essential for these ice machines. Check out some of the extra devices below.

Oil separator: here the amount of clean water introduced initially will be separated with the amount of oil and dirt contained in it. This system uses the properties of density difference. Light oil will float to the top.

High-pressure container: The high-pressure container is the place where the high-pressure compressed refrigerant is stored at the compressor stage.

Liquid separator: after creating ice cubes, it may still be able to retain the remaining water inside it, the liquid separator will help separate the liquid from the outside of these ice cubes.

Heat recovery tank: this is the part where the heat exchange between the medium and the water system will occur to solidify the ice cubes and reshape the ice cubes into the required shape.

Can the different price of 2 ton ice machine make these machines have better quality construction?

For quality and reputable ice machine manufacturers in the market, the high price will also come with the quality of these ice machines. However, customers should not be too important about the price of ice machines, but look at the benefits that this ice machine brings, thereby choosing for your facility. the best quality products.

Reasonable and competitive price of 2 ton ice machine
Reasonable and competitive price of 2 ton ice machine

What is the reasonable price of 2 ton ice machine and where to buy quality ice machine?

The 2 ton ice machines are all industrial ice machines , produced with a large amount of ice in a day, these machines are quite expensive. But with the many benefits it brings, this is also a machine well worth the investment.

On the market today, there are also many manufacturers of ice machines, buyers need to choose the most reputable and quality ones. Interested customers can contact ICE COOL, a system specializing in providing quality and reputable ice machines in the market. Please contact us via hotline +84 941108888 or visit website https://maydavien.vn/   for the earliest advice. Best regards!

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