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Pure stone will become one of the mainstream items in the market in the near future because of its diversity. With many dishes and drinks, ice is an indispensable main condiment. There are also more and more production and business establishments, but it is important that all know the common process to create

From there, it is necessary to properly prepare your business to properly and fully meet the standards of food hygiene and safety as well as to ensure that the Ice Machine   has been made, let’s find out if this process how!

First of all, it is necessary to prepare a food source that meets the standards of direct drinking water of the Ministry of Health 

Water is one of the important ingredients in life and production. And related to food, the use of water in food must be absolutely chosen. The water ensures the direct drinking standard of the Ministry of Health, because consumers will use that pure ice directly , not through another processing process.

Therefore, with ice making, pure water is extremely necessary. Input water is one of the factors that determine the quality of ice. The investment in a water filtration system conventional industrial water treatment for production facilities is never redundant.

Water is an important factor for pure stone production

Water is an important factor for pure stone production
Water is an important factor for pure stone production

Need to choose high quality ice machine 

To meet the quality of pure ice , it is definitely indispensable for an ice machine. This is the second important factor in the production process. A high-quality ice machine is not an expensive machine, but a machine with a capacity suitable for production and business establishments. When choosing a machine, you must pay attention to the quality of the machine: about the brand’s reputation, durability, equipment construction materials, operating capacity, …

The quality of making pure ice will directly affect the quality of the finished stone, so if you choose a quality machine, the investor will save a lot of money such as repair costs, replacement costs. new, labor costs and profits will increase later. 

Built a complete pure ice cube production line 

After fully preparing equipment for the production facility, the Investor needs to build a complete production line. It is necessary to build how to arrange the machines, how to install the equipment appropriately, save space and area of ​​the production facility, and still bring the best efficiency. Investors should choose a professional unit to carry out construction and installation, so as not to spend a lot of time on construction, but to ensure the production process will operate smoothly.

It is necessary to install the system to optimize equipment and production area
It is necessary to install the system to optimize equipment and production area

Efficient operation 

Once built and set up, you’ll need to know how to operate and execute it as efficiently as possible. Usually, the unit that installs it for you will transfer and guide the facility’s workers to operate the machinery and equipment. At this point, you will surely see when an inevitable consequence of choosing quality machinery: Quality machines from a reputable brand will mean that you will not spend a lot of time choosing workers in production. .

Because modern, quality and easy-to-use machines will not require too skilled and professional workers. At the same time, the support services of the brand will also help you solve the burden of programming as well as operating the facility.

Know how to properly package finished products and distribute them to the market. 

Packing the finished product is the final step in the pure ice production process , but it’s also extremely important. You have implemented a closed process and ensured food hygiene and safety standards, so it is impossible to miss in the final step to bring the finished product to consumers. Aesthetics and hygiene are two factors that you need to ensure during packaging and distribution to the market.

Product packaging is hygienic and highly aesthetic
Product packaging is hygienic and highly aesthetic

Having a standard pure stone production process will help production and business establishments to ensure sufficient products and at the same time can optimize investment costs. Film knows the process and applies the process well. Investors must have a business strategy and logical reasoning in the process of building a pure stone production facility .

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