With 400 million, which business should I choose?

Currently, the demand of society for the production of ice cubes is increasing. Because the applications of this product are increasing day by day. However, do you know how much it costs to invest in a factory? With 400 million, can you choose to invest and ice factory business ? Let’s go through the information in this article to calculate the cost needed to invest in this factory!

Actual size of the ice cube business market

Vietnam’s beverage and support services market has always been a fertile market. The continuous appearance of coffee shops, milk tea and refreshment shops, and increasingly diverse types of coffee business shows the development of this industry. This has caused the demand for ice to increase rapidly in recent times. Especially in the hot summer, ice cubes are always sold out.

Every day his workshop operates at full capacity, selling from 1,000 to 3,000 bags of ice to the market. Each ice bucket contains 5kg of ice cubes. Total daily consumption is as high as 5-15 tons of ice cubes. As can be seen, the market demand for ice cube machines is very large. Therefore, using 1Kw of electricity, you will earn about 13,000 VND.

Let’s say your machine capacity is equivalent to 3 tons per day. Profit in a month exceeds 100 million. Therefore, just invest in an ice machine within a year and you will get your entire money back. From the second year on, you will be fully profitable.

Popular production and business model
Popular production and business model

How to use 400 million to trade ice cubes?

Calculate factory construction costs, equipment procurement and operating costs.

When embarking on a new market, it is necessary to have a detailed construction plan with clear cost figures. To estimate construction costs and equipment purchases. Actual costs may be 15% higher than expected costs. This is why you need to have the right budget.

In addition to construction costs, you also need business operating expenses . Before recovering capital, you need to pay various expenses such as: factory rental fee, business registration fee, labor cost, cost of production materials.

One of the secrets to optimizing costs and making quick profits for owners is choosing an ice machine with reasonable price, large capacity, saving electricity and ice making time. The processing capacity of the ice machine is from 60kg to 30 tons per day. Therefore, detailed statistics on consumption will help you choose a suitable ice machine to be accepted by the market.

How to operate ice machine in business
How to operate ice machine in business

Invest in factory location and production workshop

The price of the ice machine will determine the quality of the ice cubes. Depending on your financial ability, consider choosing the right machine. However, the ice maker needs to be in good working order. The price of ice machines on the market today varies greatly, depending on the capacity and type of machine of the supplier. If the investment budget is small, you can choose an ice machine under 100kg/day, priced at only 27 million.

If your business area has a lot of demand for ice, about 500kg-1 tons / day, please refer to the machine priced at 100-200 million! If you need more, you just need to invest a lot of money for an ice machine with 2 or more frequencies, priced at about 229 million.

Factory factor is very important in business
Factory factor is very important in business

The above is the information we recommend for you to invest in the business of an ice cube factory. The capacity and investment capital will depend a lot on the economic potential of the owner. The costs we’ve calculated above are standard costs you can expect in this area. If you want to find a device that stands out in the market at an attractive price, immediately visit the following website ICE COOOL Ice Machine .

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