Is the price of a 500kg ice machine as expensive as you think?

You often see ice machines in hotels and restaurants with a large volume of daily use and what you always wonder is whether the price of a 500kg ice machine is expensive or not. This depends on the brand as well as the time of purchase with promotions or not. Come to our article to get more information about this product. 

 How much is the price of 500kg ice cube machine? Should you choose to do business?

Up to now, many customers are afraid to choose to buy ice from outside because the water source is not guaranteed to be safe for food. With the choice of home ice maker, this problem will be solved immediately. 

So how useful is this product for the business of restaurants and hotels? Should they invest to buy this machine or not? If you want to know the answer, follow the next part of the article. 

Ice cubes are used in many places
Ice cubes are used in many places

Information about ice machine 500 kg

Choosing to buy ice from outside to do business in the food and beverage industry is not 100% sure that this is clean ice. This is also the main reason why the ice machine was born. 500 kg is the most popular volume of customers today because of its compact design, energy saving and fast ice making time. 

This product is provided by the SUNSAY brand with many outstanding features thanks to the application of modern scientific technology. All parts that can come into contact with water are made of 304 stainless steel to ensure no rust, extremely safe for health. This also ensures a longer machine life. 

The water used to make ice is treated through a pure water filtration system before starting to produce finished ice. Regardless of the stage, it is handled in a closed manner, ensuring hygiene. 

Why do you own a 500kg ice machine? 

This product brings a lot of benefits in business because of its outstanding features: 

Provide a large quantity of ice cubes
Provide a large quantity of ice cubes
  • Quality assurance has been made extremely clean because the water source uses advanced filtration technology to bring the purest stones to the user. 
  • Save a lot of time and costs: Customers no longer have to waste time and travel expenses to buy stone and help increase revenue in business. 
  • The production time of ice cubes is extremely fast: customers no longer spend too much time with traditional ice making. 
  • The operation process is fully automatic without any labor costs. This is one of the most practical benefits for business enterprises. 

Why choose SUNSAY as a supplier? 

As one of the leading brands in supplying 500kg ice cube machines to the Vietnamese market, customers are extremely confident. Not stopping there, the price of an extremely affordable 500kg ice machine is suitable for the economic conditions of many people. 

500kg ice cube machine installed for customers
500kg ice cube machine installed for customers

Price and quality are guaranteed, so what are you waiting for, do not contact us immediately via hotline +84 94.110.8888 for specific advice on products. All relevant information or questions will be thoroughly resolved by the customer care staff. 

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