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3 ton ice machine is a product line with medium capacity that is interested by food and beverage businesses and the price of 3 ton ice machine is also very important. Surely when you hear about the capacity of the machine, you will notice that later you can use such a large machine. In fact, with this amount of ice, it is only provided for businesses of medium size. 

The following are the experiences that we have gathered in the process of choosing to buy an ice machine to help customers choose the right product. Follow up with our posts. 

What criteria should be considered when buying a 3 ton ice machine? 

Choosing to buy a good product that suits your needs is not easy. Newly exposed film to the ice machine, surely customers do not know what criteria to choose them according to. Here are a few suggestions that you should consider. 

Need to determine the need and capacity of daily use 

If you use it with your family, you should choose products with a small capacity. On the contrary, if you choose to use the product for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, you should choose a 3 ton ice machine. .

According to the needs of use, you choose an ice machine with an appropriate capacity
According to the needs of use, you choose an ice machine with an appropriate capacity

What kind of stone do you need to use? 

Each type of ice machine will have a different size of ice, so customers need to clearly determine what size ice they need. For example, if you use ice for beer, you should choose ice cubes with a fairly large size to help keep the beer cold but the ice will take a long time to melt. 

Observe connected components and accessories 

As we all see that this product line has a lot of connected components to be able to operate automatically and quickly. Therefore, it is quite important to prepare a suitable water source for the system. Bad water will do as much harm as an unclean stone. 

Usually, the ice machine uses technology because to ensure RO quality its capacity is compatible with the capacity of ice making. RO is the most advanced water purification technology to date. 

Warranty Policy 

No one can be sure that electronic equipment is not damaged or error occurs during use. Modern machinery is not immune to the risk of failure like this. That’s why warranty and after-sales policy becomes a factor to note. SUNSAY warranty up to 2 years.

Is the price of 3 ton ice machine expensive? 

The price of the product will depend on the supplier, so customers should compare many units together to choose which is the most reasonable price. And SUNSAY is the place that provides the most affordable products. Not only that, but this product also helps customers save a lot of money because we have a very good after-sales program as well as a long warranty period. 

The price of 3 ton ice machine is cheap and affordable
The price of 3 ton ice machine is cheap and affordable

Contact information to choose to buy products at SUNSAY

If you want to buy ice machine products , please call the hotline +84 94.110.8888 to have our customer care consulting department answer all your questions. All relevant information will be provided by us in this chat. 

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