Is the price of a 10 ton ice machine too expensive?

Price of 10 ton ice machine is the most searched keyword on social networking sites like google and Facebook. To get millions of searches like that is because this product has practical benefits for businesses in the food and beverage industry. Until the day with our article, we will update more information about the product. 

Introduction of 10 ton ice cube machine 

Although with a capacity of up to 10 tons, the machine design is quite neat by the SUNSAY brand. Not only does it operate smoothly, but it also has a high aesthetic value that matches the modern space design of the factory. 

The product’s durability is extremely high with low maintenance costs, saving energy. All parts of the machine are fully equipped and easy to replace. The device operates extremely smoothly, making no noise. Having these simple benefits also helps businesses make purchasing decisions. 

Products of ice machine installed for customers
Products of ice machine installed for customers

What is the production process of ice cubes? 

With the standard ice-making process, the water source will be taken at a depth of 90m, and the well water has been treated through the RO filtration system. This system will help clean bacteria and dirt with extremely safe ultraviolet rays. 

All internal parts for making ice and in contact with water are made of high quality stainless steel that will not rust. For this reason the service life of the machine is longer. With a completely closed and automatic process, there will be no contact with human hands, so the ice is extremely pure and hygienic. 

Structure of 10 ton ice cube machine 

The structure of the ice cube machine is tight
The structure of the ice cube machine is tight
  • The tube stone mold is made of stainless steel 
  • The ice block is also made of stainless steel and is controlled automatically by a gear box motor specially designed for the production of cylindrical ice cubes or crushing crushed ice. This function only needs to be controlled by reversing the cutting motor and using a commutator.
  • The stone cutting motor that we mention will be designed to perform the function that is to cut the stones according to the standard size. 
  • The water pump will use a centrifugal pump made of cast iron large enough to circulate frozen water repeatedly and continuously. Also from this mechanism that creates a transparent crystalline ice film. 
  • The bucket used to remove ice is also made of stainless steel, ensuring food hygiene and safety. 
  • All ice cubes are imported from abroad to ensure stable operation with long working life.
  • The control panel is also designed on the side of the roof, which is extremely convenient to adjust. With all the correct technical information to make the machine work more stable.

Is the price of 10 ton ice machine at SUNDAY expensive or not?

The price of 10 ton ice machine offered by SUNSAY brand will certainly be the lowest in the market. We are a direct supplier, so we guarantee the best price in the market because there is no need to go through sales intermediaries. 

Selling prestigious 10 ton ice cube machine
Selling prestigious 10 ton ice cube machine

Guaranteed to provide customers with genuine products with a long service life. Not only that, we also help save maintenance costs because we have a warranty of up to 2 years. Immediately call our hotline +84 94.110.888 for advice. 

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