Mini ice machine and the current situation of using ice cubes

Recently, the use of mini ice machine has become a pretty big demand for households or beverage shops. These mini ice machines are a solution in today’s dirty food situation. Let’s find out with me about the actual use of ice cubes and what are the benefits of these mini ice machines in today’s article.

Dirty ice cubes appear a lot on the market


Dirty ice is ice that is produced with poor quality from the water used and the ice machines are not of high quality. Our country is a country with a hot and humid climate, in the summer the demand for ice cubes is extremely high for things such as refreshments, beer, cafes or for preserving seafood and fruits. In the North and specifically Hanoi city, every day around 200 tons of ice cubes are consumed per day. This is a really large number, if you imagine that dirty stones are used so much, the harm it brings is extremely large, causing a lot of food insecurity or worse. is causing food poisoning or many other dangerous diseases. This use of dirty ice cubes should be stopped immediately so as not to create many dangers for users.

Dirty ice cubes appear a lot on the market
Dirty ice cubes appear a lot on the market

The reason why dirty ice cubes exist

With so many used ice cubes mentioned in the above section, dirty ice cubes will be very easy to mix and be delivered to the user. Moreover, the creation of these dirty ice cubes is from the profit-seeking ways of some manufacturers. These low-quality ice cubes will have a much lower production cost than poor quality ice machines and have many harmful substances contained in the machine. But it should also be said that with supply, there will be demand, many coffee shops, draft beer, … are still used to using these dirty stones because their price is much cheaper than the price of clean ice. First, you need to change the mindset of those business owners.

Mini ice machine – the most useful solution for the situation of dirty ice cubes

These are small ice machines, suitable for households or beverage shops. These machines have many benefits in line with the demand for large ice cubes in our country today.

Mini ice maker can help change the habit of using dirty ice

Beverage shop owners or households should pay attention to choosing these mini ice machines at manufacturing facilities with clear origin and a certain reputation in the market. We should not be tempted to use dirty stones that are not of good quality and make our customers have to use these dirty stones as well. The ice cubes created from this mini ice maker will have a great quality, really clean and really pure, giving everyone peace of mind when using. Although the initial cost to be able to invest in these mini ice machines is much higher than buying ice from production facilities, in return we will really have crystal clear ice. purity and quality, don’t have to think much about peace of mind when using them. Moreover, the quality of these mini ice machines is very good with their average service life being very high, these beverage shops will quickly recoup their investment in the machines. make this mini ice cube.

The mini ice maker is widely used
The mini ice maker is widely used

Comments on mini ice machines

To be able to use clean ice cubes and ensure food hygiene and safety, people can invest in these ice machines. These machines really have great benefits that we should use.

Note when using these mini ice machines, we need to use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions to get the highest durability as well as the best quality of ice. When installing, pay attention to install these ice cubes in a cool and dry place, to avoid mold and mildew affecting the ice making equipment.

A reputable supplier of ice cube machines in the market

How to use the mini ice maker is very convenient

How to use the mini ice maker is very convenient
How to use the mini ice maker is very convenient

Customers interested in using these ice machines can contact ICE COOL – a reputable and quality system for supplying and selling ice machines in the market. You can visit the website or contact the hotline 0941108888 to own the best quality ice maker. Best regards!

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