Installing 5 Ton ice cube machine in Nam Phuoc Town – Quang Nam

Installing a 5 ton ice machine in Nam Phuoc town, Quang Nam province

Overcoming all difficulties in the situation of “social distancing”, ICE COOL worked hard to produce and completed early on schedule, on time to hand over the ice machine with a capacity of 5 tons to customers.

ICE COOL has always been a manufacturer, supporter, consultant, installer, and operator of PURE ICE MACHINE for production facility owners.

It is the peak season for using ice, the demand is increasing every day, the demand for clean and high-quality products of consumers.

ICE COOL always understands that and creates better products every day.

USE THE COOL ICE MANUFACTURING MACHINE, customers are always assured, do not worry about the quality and installation distance.

Key features of ICE COOL:

  • Latest technology Combining water treatment with industrial standard ice storage cold storage, providing the highest quality of ice cubes and safety and hygiene.
  • The only ice machine control screen in Vietnam
  • Standard design
  • Energy saving
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Durable
  • Easy maintenance and maintenance
  • Replacement equipment available
  • Operation does not require skilled workers

If you have a need to install ICE COOL ice machine, please contact

Hotline for consultation: 0935 345 808

Call Center:  094 110 8888 or you can leave your phone number in the comment section below, we will contact you shortly.

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