How effective should an ice factory project be?

Ice factory projects are being deployed more and more throughout the provinces. This is largely due to the increasing demand for pure ice from restaurants and drinking water business locations.

Followed by the investment and opening of a factory to produce ice and stone in a rush. The problem here is that the owners of ice businesses often open their workshops in a follow-up fashion, without having a choice as to invest properly. So what should an ice production project invest in? And how to design an effective ice and ice cube factory?

How to invest in an ice factory project?
How to invest in an ice factory project?

Should invest in a factory to produce industrial ice and industrial stone?

Currently, the demand for ice is increasing strongly because of the habits of Vietnamese people as well as the influence of hot and humid climate with a lot of rain. In addition, with the advantage of low cost and convenience, stone becomes a widely used product.

Especially restaurants, supermarkets, medical centers, etc. And this is the “golden time” for investment projects in ice factories that know how to seize opportunities and invest methodically.

On the other hand, the demand is high, but the current supply cannot meet it. In addition, the quality of stone is often not focused, causing confusion for consumers. The essential problem of ice production facilities is to plan a methodical project.

Opening a factory to produce ice cubes and ice cubes at this time is completely feasible.
Opening a factory to produce ice cubes and ice cubes at this time is completely feasible.

What is the size and capacity of the ice factory project?

Although the cost of ice is not high, the profits are huge. If there is a reasonable investment plan, it will certainly quickly recover capital and be profitable. In order to sustain and develop in the ice production business, investors must carefully calculate, select technology, equipment and design the ice production line. And facility owners who know better, please see the detailed analysis of the size, capacity and location of an ice factory right here!

Scale and capacity of ice factory project

To understand the appropriate size and capacity for their ice factory, a business needs to analyze the market in the area they intend to deploy.

Find out carefully about the demand and consumption of ice in that area; How many factories and ice production facilities are there around there?

Based on the collected data, you will roughly calculate the scale and capacity of the project. Then, in balance with other factors, you will know the exact size of the project and how much ice machine capacity is most appropriate for that area.

The scale and capacity of the ice factory project need to be calculated specifically
The scale and capacity of the ice factory project need to be calculated specifically

Location of opening an ice factory

Location is a very important factor that has been detailed by ICE COOL in the article about opening an ice factory because it affects the production cost as well as the scale of the project.
You need to factor in all the factors to see if the location you intend to open a factory is feasible? If you want to do this, you should be based on investment costs and a reasonable line layout.
And when assessing the feasibility of the site, you will optimize the production cost.

ICE COOL Vietnam – The leading ice factory project consultant today

A quality and effective ice production project requires professional investment. To do this, business people need to find the right installation consultant – reputable construction. Because only reputable units will help you set up projects and build the most methodical workshop.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, up to now, ICE COOL Vietnam has had dozens of factory projects providing clean ice machines all over the country.
These can be mentioned as: pure ice machine in Duy Xuyen – Quang Nam; at Huong Tra – Hue; Komtum; Pacify; Ho Chi Minh City… and many other places.

With advanced and modern production industry and an experienced and dedicated team, we are committed to bringing professional and efficient ice factories to our customers.

ICE COOL Vietnam – Today’s leading refrigeration specialist

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