Introduction of industrial ice machine producing 5 tons/day

To be able to choose a reputable and suitable ice machine product for the needs of the business. We will introduce to you industrial ice machine ICECOOL products with different capacities. Besides, the advantages of each type of machine will also help you get the right choice. In this article we will bring you an ice machine with a capacity of 5 tons/day. Stay tuned for details through this article!

This equipment helps to produce tubular ice cubes. The standard output of the machine reaches 5 tons of ice/day. Due to its large capacity, the machine adopts a dedicated cooling tower system for water cooling.

Industrial ice machine
Industrial ice machine

Overview of the outstanding features of the industrial ice machine

Finished ice cubes are tubular

Tubular ice cubes are a popular shape in the market. There are several places like and dedicated to this type of rock. Therefore, the 5-ton industrial ice machine is chosen by many investors to operate the ice factory. Compared to square ice cubes, tubular ice cubes have a larger grainy feel. So when using business unit it is possible to use less number of pellets but the customer is still satisfied.

Industrial ice machine works intelligently and automatically

The 5 ton ice machine is no exception. Thanks to the high-precision electronic circuit boards, the production process has been simplified and optimized. Therefore, you only need to set up a few simple function buttons on the control cabinet. The rest, the system will help you produce ice cubes according to the set process.

Control screen of industrial ice machine
Control screen of industrial ice machine

Standard imported genuine parts, quality assurance. Users don’t have to worry about stopping production due to costly repairs. Because compared to other products on the market, the machine has superior durability.

Outstanding advantages of 5 ton industrial ice machine

– 5 ton ice machine with modern ice making technology. Super fast ice making time, energy saving and high efficiency.

– The machine runs stably during use; Ice discharge evenly, perfect quality

– Elegant design, compact, easy to use and has many different power levels. Suitable for various purposes such as food preservation, fresh seafood, ice cube distribution, etc.

– The large capacity 5 ton ice machine is an industrial ice machine that can produce up to 5 tons of finished ice per day. Investment cost is about 350,000,000 VND. Ice production and trading units can meet the daily demand for ice production.

Industrial ice machine 5 tons
Industrial ice machine 5 tons

Notes before buying an ice machine to use it well

Before buying an ice machine, you should ask a consultant to help you understand all the functions of the machine. Including capacity issues; accessory; size; price; … From there, you will easily have the choice of the product that best suits your needs and financial capabilities. After buying ice, you need to pay attention when installing industrial ice machines.

If you choose to buy a 5 ton ice machine, you will get it completely free. However, care should be taken to choose an elevated installation location. It is best to cool but avoid direct sunlight. The installation location should be convenient for electricity, water, and drainage pipes. While operating the machine and during the operation, you need to make sure to follow the instructions exactly.

Maintenance and servicing must be performed on a regular basis. It not only ensures the hygiene of the finished stone, but also ensures the durability of the machine. If there are any unknown technical problems. Contact our team of technicians.

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In short, the industrial ice machine that produces 5 tons/day is a medium sized product. You can easily operate very simple machines. You can see more details of the machine at our ice machine page.

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