Introduction to the history of the ice making system

In fact, the production of ice cubes is applied to many industries. This can also be considered an indispensable ingredient in drinks. In the ice industry to help preserve food, it also helps a lot in the process of cooling food. So how did the development and formation of this ice making system take place? Check out this article for more information!

The birth of the ice making system in the past

The world’s first ice-making system was first invented in the world in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The first generation of ice machines came along with the development of refrigeration systems. Since the introduction of the ice machine, it has brought people positive values ​​in the national economy. Not only that, the ice-making system also provides products for fast and safe transportation

  • In 1851, John Gorrie received US Patent No. 8080 for an ice machine.
  • In 1853, Alexander Twining received US Patent 10,221 for an ice machine.
  • In 1855, James Harrison received a patent for a similar ice machine in Australia.
  • In 1867, Andrew Muhl built an ice factory in San Antonio, Texas to help expand the service of the beef industry, and then moved it to Waco in 1871.
  • In 1873, a patent for this machine was signed with the Columbus Steel Works, becoming the world’s first commercial tape manufacturer. Today, William Reilly
  • Brown is the company’s president and George Jasper Gold is the director.
  • In 1902, Montgomery’s Teague family gained control of the company. Their last advertisement in Ice and Refrigeration appeared in March 1904.
  • In 1925, control of the  Columbus ice-making system factory passed from the Teague family to W.C. Bradley’s WC.

Hệ thống làm đá được phát triển cách đây 100 năm

Early concept of the classical ice making system

An ice maker or ice making system is a device that produces ice cubes and its output is much larger than that of a refrigerator. A stand-alone device for making ice or an industrial machine that automatically makes ice on a large scale. The term “ice maker” generally refers to a device that operates independently.

The ice making function is part of the ice machine that actually makes ice. The machine consists of an evaporator and any control/holding devices, directly involved in making frozen ice and pushing it into the storage facility. Most people talk about ice machines, they are referring to this homemade ice making subsystem.

An ice maker, especially if it is described as “complete”, is usually a complete system, including a refrigerator and controls. To operate the machine safely, only need to connect electricity and water to operate.

The term ice machine is rather vague. Some manufacturers even describe their chillers as ice machines. While other manufacturers describe their refrigerators this way.

Ice making system
Ice making system


Production process of modern ice making system

Commercial ice machines improve ice quality by using running water. Water flows down to the surface continuously at a temperature of about 0°C (32°F), because only water without impurities freezes on the surface at this temperature.

Water that contains impurities needs a lower temperature to freeze and will continue to wash the surface and pass through the drain line of a commercial ice maker. The air and insoluble solids are washed away so that 98% of the water solids are removed in the horizontal evaporator, creating very hard, almost pure ice. In the machine’s vertical evaporator, softer ice, especially ice, will have actual single mass cells. Commercial ice machines can make ice in various sizes, such as flake ice, crushed ice, cube ice, octagonal ice and tube ice.

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