How many types of ice cube machines are there? How effective is each type?

The needs of this society and life are increasing, so ice cubes are not just an ordinary drink. Ice making machine is now an industry and supports transportation activities in the most efficient way. So the answer that we will solve together in this article is what types of ice machines are there? How effective are they? Take a look through the information in this article to find the right information for you?

There are several popular types of ice cube machines available today

Mini ice machines weigh from 30 kg to 900 kg. Industrial ice cube machine has a large capacity, from 1 ton to 100 tons.

Such a diverse capacity will help customers easily choose the right ice machine for their needs. Should not choose the wrong model, because the capacity is too large or too small, both cause power consumption.

Ice cubes are clean, pure and are the most commonly used stones today. This is a type of ice, so it keeps the taste of the drink and lasts longer. The large surface temperature allows drinks to be cooled quickly. This is the key ingredient.

Notes to remember when choosing an ice maker machine

Need to determine usage needs

The capacity of the manufactured ice machines is very diverse. Therefore, you should choose a machine with an appropriate capacity according to the actual daily ice consumption of the store and the size of your business. Do not waste or choose a machine with a capacity that is too small to meet the needs of use.

Finished ice cubes are produced from an ice cube machine
Finished ice cubes are produced from an ice cube machine

Need to pay attention to the machine material

To ensure the safety, hygiene and health of users, should choose high-grade 304 stainless steel ice machine. This material will not cause corrosion and rust, and is very easy to clean and clean. 304 stainless steel also helps the machine always bright and beautiful and achieve high aesthetics in the eyes of users.

The ice maker should be stable and easy to use

Choose machines that are easy to operate so that anyone can use them easily. In addition, you should also pay attention to the noise level of the machine, so choose the machine with the lowest noise level that can help the machine use it for a long time without affecting the surrounding space.

Pay attention to the price of the product

The current ice machine market is very diverse, so there are many different prices for you to easily choose. Carefully consider, comprehensively consider machine capacity, machine origin and long-term use needs and other issues to decide on the most reasonable price.

No need to spend too much time on the ice machine
No need to spend too much time on the ice machine

What is the efficiency of each type of ice maker machine?

For industrial machines

Industrial machines will have certain effects on users. The machine can produce large quantities of industrial ice in a very short time. The machine can be used to form a professional stone production line. Finished products can be easily used right out of production.

Industrial stone factories can also be transformed into a large enterprise in this industry.

However, it can be seen that any industry requires a large investment. The amount and maintenance cost for an industrial ice maker machine is usually very large. So you need to build a strong investment capital if you want to be successful in this industry. Moreover, please associate with logistics units and create output sources for products when investing.

For small ice making machines

These types of machines will have great effect in bringing you products with high convenience. The machine will be suitable for families or coffee shops with a small ice-making capacity. Not only that, the device will also be very suitable for carrying to more places for the same purpose.

Gọi ngay Nhận báo giá

Ice machine ICE COOL Vietnam is always ready to advise and support on how to choose the right ice machine capacity, design a pure ice factory and provide production technology transfer to customers. row.

For detailed advice, please contact Hotline (Zalo): 0935.345.808   or call center: 094.110.8888 for support.

Thank you for trusting and installing the ICE COOL ice machine!

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